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Witch University

This is a site where you can teach or learn witchcraft. We welcome students and teachers of all genders, ethnicities, and traditions.

We have many interactive features to help you learn, teach, and network. There are activity streams that you can post on and read just like your Facebook wall. The forums are easy to use. You can also earn achievement badges for your community activity and feedback.

via About | Witch University.

Google Knols Beta

If you’re already posting on Hubpages, Squidoo, or eHow, you might want to have a look at the new Google Knols.  Aside of serving the purpose of an articles site and knowledge base, it seems they’re also using it to test their algorithm to sort and rank article sites.  Nothing like inside knowledge.

Google Sites

Google now offers a free website service.  Now you can take advantage of their searchability and stunning analytical features right on their domain.  This is a boon for teachers who want to offer online courses.  You can easily imbed your tests and quizzes created at Google Documents, and use their fabulous templates to make a nice looking, orderly site.  Bonus, you can plug your Adsense account into the site, and make a bit of cash.  It can be public or private.

To test their limits a bit, I created a free course for the project.  Check it out so you can see some of what can be done with it.

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