Real Tomato Sauce

There is no good reason to buy canned tomato or spaghetti sauce when you have fresh tomatoes available.  Here’s a quick and easy way to make your own real tomato sauce with no additives.

You will need:

fresh tomatoes
a pot
enough water to cover the tomatoes plus a couple of centimeters
a relatively large holed strainer
a dash or two of salt

Just rinse and put the tomatoes in the pot, and cover them with water.

Add a dash or two of salt to the water.

Place on high heat until boiling, and then turn the heat down enough to just let it simmer.

Let the tomatoes cook until the peels start to split and come off a bit.

Pour the tomatoes into a strainer.  Discard the water.

Place the strainer over the pot and using the bottom of a glass or bowl or a masher, press the tomatoes through the strainer.

The skins will be left behind, and in the pot you will have basic tomato sauce (pomodoro).

If you like, you can cook it longer, but try it at this phase and I think you’ll like it.

Add whatever seasonings you like to make spaghetti sauce or salsa.

This can be frozen ahead, so it’s a good way to save tomatoes that are almost at the end of their shelf life.

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