Small Apples

See, this is why one of my favorite fruit stands in the shouk is the one on the far left corner, right next to the Russian butcher and grocer.  They always have something special there because they don’t only buy from the usual importers and distributors.  They buy from local farms and gardeners as well.

Today, they had piles and piles of small sweet golden and red apples for 2 shekels (less than 75 cents) per kilo.  If only I had canning supplies here, I’d make preserves.  Since I can’t though, I’ll settle for a few weeks of joy while they’re still available.

As if shopping life couldn’t get any better for me today, my favorite dried foods stand now has crispy fire roasted oats.  They’re oats that have been smashed rather than rolled, and then roasted.  It’s the best cereal ever.  One thing I love about oats is that they are a comparitively balanced grain.  They’re 15-17% protein on their own, and this with the starch makes them sticky enough to replace wheat in just about anything that doesn’t need to rise.  They’re also a good thickener instead of straight corn or potato starch.

Crispy wheat in particular means that no sugar of any kind is needed for a trail mix.  Just throw them in with your nuts and dried fruit, and there’s your necessary carbs with no extras.  So I’ll be a happy camper.

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