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Promoting Your Slim Cooking Site

Yesterday, I posted an article at about dealing with calorie cows.  You know, those people who are always talking about what kind of diet they’re on, but it’s always something way too extreme to be good for long term fitness.  I think I’ll be posting more here and there to introduce people to natural dieting as a lifestyle.  There’s way too much quick-fixedness out there, and I figure the best way to fight it is encouraging people to think more long term.

If you have a blog or site to promote along those lines, I encourage you to post at and EzineArticles because they’re well ranked in Google, partly because they’re good at filtering out spamminess and therefore well known content libraries.  Many people who are actual experts and enthusiasts of their topics are posting at those sites.

Stretcher Tip: What to Do When the Cook is Sick

One of my favorite sites, Dollar Stretcher‘s readers posted a very good tip on how to keep your family from resorting to fast food when the cook is sick.  Cammy G. says that while you’re not sick, make larger than normal batches of your family’s favorite soups, and freeze some rolls.  This way, all the family needs to do is heat and eat.  This of course saves money, and there’ll be something light, warm, and comforting for you to eat too.

If you’d like to share some tips, feel free to write us at .  We’re happy to link to your site in exchange.

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