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Bread Dumplings in Onion Sauce
Bread dumplings in onion sauce

No, I’m not pregnant.

Recently, for medical reasons, my daughter has decided to join me in eating natural…more natural anyway.  We’re not purists, but we do the best that we can within reason within our budget and situation.  We call what we do the “gratitude diet”.  We eat mindfully and avoid too much food that wouldn’t have been food 300 years ago.  We try to eat like our Ancestors.

For some years, though I wasn’t in it totally alone, it was considered my thing.  My daughter and husband were a hard sell, because my daughter went to school with mostly boys who eat horribly.  If you remember my writing about the accusation by her teacher of neglect for not keeping sugary treats at home, there was also that “do whatever you want and people should love you no matter how much you ruin yourself” attitude that pervades society.  It just baffles me how much they talk of having high self confidence, but at the same time don’t promote self discipline or just sanity.

I’m not obsessive about this.  I just understand that an African and Native American person has to be careful about certain things.  We can die at 40 if we eat wrong…and not even a good death…a horrible death where we’re sick for years and have to have our bodies cut off bit by bit.  No thank you.  If all I have to do to avoid that is eat less sugar, then that’s wonderful.  There is so much else to eat.

With my husband, it was half a scheduling problem and half a cultural problem.  I was trying to feed him a diet that he considers “exotic” and not very pleasant.  He’s a Jewish Israeli of Polish ancestry, and what he needed was basically “schnitzel, ptitim, and a salad”.  It doesn’t have to be literally that all the time, but that is the basic diagram of dinner.  He also needs regular timing enforced like the military.  Giving him too many choices, he didn’t get that I was serious.

Anyway, basically preventable health problems have gotten everyone in the program with me, so I’ve been inspired to write about food again.  Though I am upset that they are having problems that could have been prevented, I’m glad that they are finally paying attention.

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