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Welcome to my blog about making healthier choices for life.  There are a few shows and sites out there about “cooking thin” already, but this one is unique in that it’s personal.  Here, I intend to introduce readers to a variety of eating styles that are all well grounded in good sense, science, and culture.  They’re all important to individuals who want to be healthy for life, not just to lose weight.

 This blog is more personal, about things I learn along the way, and my thoughts concerning my health journey.  I also write here about various things I find around the web.  There is a more information oriented site at CookingSlim.org and we even have a free online course to help you get started, with the details on the process as well as recipes.  For those who don’t want or need a weight loss specific site, and just want to learn natural cooking, we have a natural cooking course at Online Classes.

Here’s a photo of my progress as of March 2009.  I started learning about natural cooking in February of 2007, and began getting into it that December.  Things really got rolling by the end of that winter, so my average is about 10 kg. per year.

Before and During
Before and During

Heh…someone told me that my weight loss is “too slow”.  Thing is, I haven’t gained any back, and am still losing.  I’m actually borderline hypothyroid, so if you’re not, you’ll probably lose weight faster, but still “too slow” for some quick-fixers.

Screw them.  Tune them out, like I do.  They’re psychic vampires who enjoy misery, and their idea of “progress” is only measured in pounds.  When you leave the herd of calorie cows, they will try to pull you back.  Their way will also have your weight bouncing back to where it was, plus a few pounds.  The natural cooking way means that when it’s off, it’s gone forever, so long as you just continue to eat natural food most of the time.  You don’t even have to think about it much unless you’re a writer like me. 😉

Though weight loss is important to many people’s health, it is not the primary concern of Cooking Slim.  You will lose weight if you are carrying around any extra, but if you aren’t then this approach will not help you to look rib-visible thin like the models.  If that’s what you’re looking for, you’re really at the wrong place.

What this will do for you is balance your weight, and reestablish a healthy “set point” if you have damaged your metabolism and the glands and organs that manage it, through what is commonly known as “dieting” but is actually just selective starvation.

Before you write this off as some fat lady’s attempt to justify overeating though, hold up.  I’m going to say something now that might freak you out.  Sometimes temporary partial starvation is a good thing.  It’s called “fasting”, and from time to time it does help to enhance one’s self discipline and give an overstressed digestive system a much needed break.  It also helps to remind your body what it’s like to be in a starvation crisis, which will help you keep from suffering as much in a situation in which you don’t have access to food for awhile.

Most of us who actually have a problem with overfatness or sometimes even underfatness in western countries, have been exposed to chemicals or cocktails of harmful ingredients in our food that wreck us.  Some things like estrogenic compounds in pesticides and broken down plastics, trigger some people to overeat, while in others it pushes depression to lead them to undereat.  In some cases, the person’s tastes are working just fine, but if they get too much fat and salt, their body rightfully tells them to not eat for awhile.  They’ll get turned off to food, and not get enough of what they really need.

Many people though, don’t get enough of what they need, and overeat because they are actually deprived.  Their brain and body are telling them to eat more because they are lacking important vitamins and minerals.

In addition, when it comes to exercise, there are actually some people who need more like 4-5 hours a day of mild to moderate activity instead of the usually recommended 1 hour three times per week.  Some people are adapted to work harder, longer hours of intense labor than others.  Sit them for 8+ hours a day in front of a computer, and well, no wonder they blow up.

Most of the world, Europeans included, have only been in an industrialized situation, for the past couple hundred years at the most.  Humans in general are built for crises.  This site is not just about fat acceptance or fitness at every size.  It’s about humanity acceptance, and being one’s natural size.  Then wherever you end up from living a healthy lifestyle, be grateful for your survival, not cursing the wonder that is your beautiful, strong, survivalist body.

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