Getting a Life

I haven’t been posting much lately, because I’ve been getting out more.  Before going natural, and until my body really began to right itself, the summer heat would keep me comfortably indoors in front of my fan most of the time.  Now, it doesn’t stop me, but I have had to make some adjustments for sanity’s sake.

When you become more active, little injuries and issues that you didn’t have when you were sedentary start to become more intense.  My big two are knee injuries and chafing.

A few years ago, when the size was probably giving me balance problems, I used to fall down the stairs when it was wet outside.  I’ve fallen a few times, but twice I landed on my right knee.  I also used to trip and fall occasionally while walking down the street, and once I hit my knee so hard it was impossible for me to get up.

At the hospital, they did an x-ray and nothing was broken, and in time, the pain went away, though I had trouble with it.  Now that I’ve been walking more though, it hurts almost constantly, especially when I go down stairs.  So I have a doctor’s appointment next month.

…but I can’t stop walking.  I have too much energy, and as soon as the sun starts to go down, I feel like a nervous chihuahua who wants to go outside.

On the chafing, as a busty woman, it has always been an issue, but now, it’s horrible.  I need the breast support, so I have to wear a bra, but it is painful.  Still, my inner chihuahua wants to go-go-go!

Looking back, it’s no wonder I was depressed.  I understand now more than ever the importance of a natural diet, and the deep changes that simply getting enough nutrition makes to ones personality.  I’ve said often that even though I’m only halfway to where I’d like to be weight-wise, if I never lose another kilo, I’ll still feel okay.  I’ve gotten a good bit of my old energy level back.

I’ve also recruited a few offline friends too.  They see my progress, and want to stop struggling to lose or maintain their weight too.

This brings me to another topic, things that make it difficult for people to change.  One huge issue that I come across a lot is family history of poverty.  When people have lived through times of deprivation, they often want to give the kids all the things that they didn’t have growing up.  However, instead of getting them healthy food, they load the kitchen with convenience food and candy.

Occasional treats are fine, but things have to be kept under control.  Parents should be careful what they buy.  There are many things that are great snacks or easily prepared that kids will enjoy very much, but not end up with liver problems or type 2 diabetes.  By giving them too much sugar and processed food, they’re not really indulging their kids.  They’re killing them.

I get an eerie feeling as I walk around Haifa, which has only gotten very unnatural within the past 10 years or so.  I look around and see many young people getting fatter and fatter, and the ones who aren’t fat, looking anemic and smelling funny.

Those of you who’ve been natural for awhile understand what I mean by smelling funny.  It’s that weird fishy, sour, dank, with a hint of synthetic vanillin smell people who eat too much fake food have.  In the winter, it’s tolerable, but in the summer, it can be like a nauseating cloud of garbage odor if you’re in a crowded or enclosed place.

Even worse, the attitudes people have about weight here have gotten worse despite the injection of phood into the grocery stores.  Young people are getting fatter, but expressing more judgemental attitudes about fat.

I see a bad transition happening around me that I hope to curtail.  Since a few of my friends have gone natural, I hope that this is the beginning of the reversal.  Fortunately here, healthy food is still cheaper than the junk.  I hope it stays that way long enough for us to turn the tide.

Slim Tips Around the Web

Promoting Your Slim Cooking Site

Yesterday, I posted an article at about dealing with calorie cows.  You know, those people who are always talking about what kind of diet they’re on, but it’s always something way too extreme to be good for long term fitness.  I think I’ll be posting more here and there to introduce people to natural dieting as a lifestyle.  There’s way too much quick-fixedness out there, and I figure the best way to fight it is encouraging people to think more long term.

If you have a blog or site to promote along those lines, I encourage you to post at and EzineArticles because they’re well ranked in Google, partly because they’re good at filtering out spamminess and therefore well known content libraries.  Many people who are actual experts and enthusiasts of their topics are posting at those sites.

Stretcher Tip: What to Do When the Cook is Sick

One of my favorite sites, Dollar Stretcher‘s readers posted a very good tip on how to keep your family from resorting to fast food when the cook is sick.  Cammy G. says that while you’re not sick, make larger than normal batches of your family’s favorite soups, and freeze some rolls.  This way, all the family needs to do is heat and eat.  This of course saves money, and there’ll be something light, warm, and comforting for you to eat too.

If you’d like to share some tips, feel free to write us at .  We’re happy to link to your site in exchange.

Skinny Philosophy: Fitness Principles

Here are principles that encourage me to keep fit, and have helped in losing the extra poundage.

1.  I accept my body, and love it as an important part of myself.

2.  What I look like is a very natural result of a combination of my genes, my environment and my behavior.

3.  Just as if I am ignorant about something I want to know, I get the information, study, and learn about it to the best of my intellectual ability; if there is something lacking in my health, I correct it to the best of my physical ability.

4.  I do not indulge in self pity, or accept pity from others.  I do forgive and have mercy on myself, and accept the forgiveness and mercy of others.

5.  I do not follow a plan or program just because it is popular.  I do understand that I am a human being, and mortal as any other, and that there are some who have travelled roads I have yet to walk.

6.  I can accept criticism about my looks without taking it as an insult.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I don’t have to agree with others or pretend to.  The opinions that mean the most are helpful feedback from people with experience and expertise in fitness, health, and sports.  The opinions of people who care about me and word things thoughtfully mean something to me only sentimentally if they’re not experts.  The opinions that mean nothing are the outbursts of strangers and enemies who say things to attempt to dent my confidence.

7.  My confidence is based only on things that will be important when I am dead.  While I live, my quest for physical fitness is just one part of my overall maintenance of psychological fitness.

What are your fitness principles?