Chicken Schmaltz

You will need:

A deep, preferably seasoned cast iron frying pan.
A wooden spoon or spatula.

2 kg. Chicken skin
2 large onions
1 teaspoon sea salt if you aren’t using kosher chicken skin
a large, clean glass or pyrex type bowl
a cheesecloth or a steady hand
a sterilized jar with a resealable lid

Rinse the chicken skin, and pull out any feathers or roots that might be still in it.

As best as you can, chop the chicken skin into small pieces, and chop your onions into somewhat coarse chunks.  If you’ll be using the schmaltz for baking sweets or something, omit the onions.

Heat your pan on high heat, and then put in your chopped chicken skin and onions.

Turn the heat down to low, until you have nothing left but crispy chicken skin and browned onions, swimming in their own grease.

Pour the grease through a cheesecloth into the glass bowl.

Let this settle until any solids that may be left, settle to the bottom.

Pour the grease, leaving behind the settled solids, into the sterilized jar.  Let it cool and then close the jar.

Schmaltz can keep unrefrigerated for a couple of weeks, but most people like to refrigerate it so it will keep longer.

The solid bits of chicken skin and onions that are left are called “gribenes”.  These can be used for many recipes, or eaten on bread or sprinkled on salads.  Try it mixed with cream cheese on toast or a bagel.