Found Fat and Pupik Update

Joy of joys, today we found a shop that has and is willing to sell us their pork fat.  I was so happy.  It was very cheap, about $1.50 per kilo.  So now I will never have to worry about where to find fat for rendering, unless they go out of business.

They say they’re not the only ones.  You have to find a place that buys by the side and ask for the internal fat.  If you ask for the fat, they think you want what most other people want, which is the fat back, not the other subcutaneous and inner fat.  So you have to be specific.

The same place has “pupik” (gizzards) that looked very nice, so I thought today was as good a time as any to try them, since now I’ve got the grease to fry them in.  My daughter loved them, and is now devouring them with ketchup like chicken nuggets.  I would eat them on a salad, but much like other chicken nuggets, wouldn’t bother much about them otherwise.  Shai (my husband) said they were too chewy, and not like his mom used to do.

So now I have a quest, but one I don’t think I’m going to like.  I was instructed by every home cooking southern woman I know to always ALWAYS pre-boil gizzards.  Every eastern Asian cook I know says the same.  Apparently, non southern and non Asian folks don’t do that.   I don’t want to think about what it must taste like.  There has got to be some way to be sure to clean off all the gooey membrane and still come out with tender results.

I’m thinking that they must need to be slow cooked.  I hate to call other cooks wrong, but I just don’t see how they’ll get thoroughly clean without the pre boiling.  So with kilo #2 of the pupiks, I’m going to try preboiling, cleaning, and then slow cooking them.  We’ll see how it goes.

Cooking Slim Month 1

Cooking for weight loss would be more accurately termed cooking for optimal nutrition. Once you get to a certain point in the process, you will achieve a weight that is perfect for your activity level and body type. The food will no longer be the problem in your weight loss or health maintenance goals.

It’s not about going on a diet. It’s about adjusting your diet. It is a lifestyle change that you will easily be able to adhere to. Popular dieting/weight loss theory is based on a calories in:calories out equation, but this is only a fraction of the story. If you put molasses in your car’s gas tank, your car will cease to run. If you put low quality gasoline in it, then it will run, but not very well. You’ll end up burning alot of gas to go less of a distance, and decreasing the life of your car.

The human body is also a kind of machine…a biomechanical wonder, built for survival. It needs the right fuel to perform at its best. So even if you’re a couch potato type, you should be treating your body as if you were surviving a long winter in your cave.

So this month, we’re going to start by making a small, very easy change. You’re going to get rid of all your fattening oils. See this guide at WAPF for the types of oils you should and shouldn’t use. I’ll go a step further by advising you to only use the good oils that are native to your ancestral regions and/or genetic ancestors within the past thousand years.

Nothing should be deep fried, since this is wasteful anyway. Try shaking and baking instead, if you like a crispy crust on things.

Bookmark this page, and at the end of your first month, come back, and post a comment. Tell us about your transition.