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Free Cats

Welcome to Free Cats @StudyItOnline.com!  This is a site about caring for your neighborhood cats.  We’re not crazy cat people, but we are crazy about cats.

Cats are intelligent animals who deserve their freedom, but still need human care.  In urban environments, they serve the purpose of keeping down rodents.  Wonderful creatures that they are though, some people abuse and mistreat them.  So they also need human protection.

On this site, you’ll learn the basics of feral cat care, but we’ll also teach you how to curtail cat abuse.  We also hope to create a directory of veterinarians who will spay and neuter for free or a low price for known cat rescuers.  If that’s you, write to admin@studyitonline.com to get on the list.  Make sure to include your contact information and requirements for someone being known to you as a cat rescuer.

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  • They know, especially dogs. If you leave the cat food bowl on the floor the dog will go after it beofre it goes for the dog food. Cat food is higher quality ingredients than dog food, and dogs know this because after they try cat food they think it tastes better. Cats usually won’t eat the dog food if it is on the floor because of the same reasons. They know the cat food tastes better as well. Here is a solution to keep the dog from eating the cat’s food. Put the cat food bowl up on the counter top where the dog can’t reach it. Only the cat can jump up there, and the cat won’t go near the dogs food bowl on the floor.

  • I been getting a lot of hugs from my mostemr lately. She tells me I am a lovely distraction and she needs to put her mind on me rather than on some other stupid thing. I sure hope you and Dutch and your mom are doing okay Puglet. We don’t always comment on every post, but we read them all and me and mom stare at your pictures! Much love, Jaco

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