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Because You Are Mine

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Post by Music for Deep Meditation.

Cats often like to mark their territory by peeing or pooping. Generally though, they prefer to do their business on soft […]

Raising Kittens

The best one to raise kittens is their mother, but sometimes she dies, abandons, or somehow gets separated from them. Here are some tips on how to raise kittens that will hopefully increase their rate of survival.

The first thing you should do is introduce them to the litterbox.

They don’t have to do anything […]

How to Bathe a Cat

Sometimes it just needs to be done. If your cat has gotten itself into some serious dirt, or if they’re a kitten who can get literally eaten alive by fleas, a cat sometimes needs more than a licking. If you don’t want to get totally scratched to pieces, here’s some advice.

Kittens are going to […]