CockToday I read an interesting post on a somewhat infamous PUA’s blog.  It was about cockblocking, which for those who don’t know, is when your friend interrupts a guy who’s trying to pick you up.  He believes he’s had some great revelation, but shaming the overprotective Vaginal Shieldmaiden is something Alpha males have been doing since before Ovide.

I do agree as a not conventionally hot female though, that cockblocking is a serious problem.  If the dude talking to us is a known cad and we’re out of rubber gloves and our prostate massager is on the fritz, then it might be for the best.  However, if the guy deserves a chance, cockblocking can kill a beautiful relationship before it gets started.  The only time cockblocking is acceptable is when your friend is too drunk/high, in real physical danger, your lover, or holding up the next scheduled activity.

If the guy isn’t actually going to harm her, whatever you do to help can be done politely.  If your friend is in a compromised state and so is he, it’s a simple thing to assist them in exchanging phone numbers or something, and wish him well.  There’s no need to be hostile about it.

Some wusses will get cranky about it even if you are extremely polite and respectful.  Don’t worry about that.  Just make sure that your motivations are above board, and that the reason you’re getting between him and your friend isn’t jealousy or something.  Whether it is or not, that’s what most guys assume: that you’re upset that they’re trying to get with your friend and not with you. So if that’s not the case then whatever your reason, make sure it’s worth that.  I don’t mind looking jealous if the guy is a real creep.  Whatever it takes.  If he’s not though, then think of your friend’s happiness.

The big exception in the cockblocking thing is if you are the male friend of a female getting hit on.  You’ll look jealous too, but for different reasons.  Still, male friends should follow their gutt.  If you sense the guy is all kinds of wrong, then by all means step in.

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