Scoring for Women Part 1

HeartsScoring, or “closing the deal” is different for women than it is for men.  Since the male PUA basically ignores the different types of women and the actual reality of what they can and do get away with, for them, it means getting laid.  For the female PUA it means being taken seriously.  It’s getting to the point where you’ve captured the guy’s interest as more than a shag.  The sex is sometimes a means to that end, but it is not the real challenge.  It probably should be the same for men, but we live in a time when far too many women are materialistic and shallow themselves, so the pool of candidates who are not interchangeable is smaller than it used to be.

In order to increase the effectiveness of your game (not deception, just slang for social interaction in a romantic context), after knowing what kind of man it is you want, and knowing what kind of man you’re dealing with, you want to know what scoring with him means.


For the beta male, it means being recognized as a woman he would want to commit to and at least make a real attempt to be monogamous to, unless you are swingers or free love hippies.  He starts imagining actually living with and making a family with you.  His concerns mainly revolve around immediate social convenience because his relationship goals are relatively vague because for him, so long as women meet certain superficial requirements, they are interchangeable.  You have no value as an individual to him because he as no value as an individual to himself.

This is a generalization, a harsh one, but it is largely true.  Aside of a few quirks here and there, nothing you do will either add to or detract from your ranking with him that doesn’t involve some sort of perceived challenge to his manhood or public shaming. Even then, you may be able to get away with murder, even of his children, if it’s possible for him to make it make him look good.  Yes, you can drown his kids in a bathtub or starve them to death in the basement while you’re cranking in the livingroom, but don’t cheat on him or he’ll shoot you.

(I don’t advocate killing children, I’m just making a point about what betas value and don’t in potential partners.)

For the Alpha type, it means gaining recognition as a possible sentimental attachment from him that will rise above his polyamorous leanings. No matter who else he shags, or even who he marries or actually loves in addition to you, he will not want to live without you.  A word of caution about this though: it is extremely difficult, and may even be harmful for this type of guy to be strictly monogamous.  It can be done, but only by his decision.  It’s a bad idea to attempt to force this on him.  If you do, he will not take you seriously as a sentimental attachment, and will put you in the “function box” which is just as bad as the beta’s “slut box”.  So you have scored when he starts to be sexually interested and trust you at the same time, which is very difficult. Depending on his position and occupation, it can also be a very grave and dangerous place to be.  Like many men of both types do after the sex, you may get a little too much information and want to bail out.

Also, when I say, “not want to live without you,” this can be literal with an Alpha.  Where betas may become suicidal over shocks to their ego, Alphas can become self or other destructive from basically what amounts to not getting what they want.  They may survive well and hide it well, but something in their psyche that may be in their DNA, takes it to heart when things don’t go their way.  It’s partly why most are very aggressive in pursuit of their goals, whether they are conscious conformists or idealistic activists.

These two types are just main categories.  Most men fall somewhere in between.  Nature built males in a way that the majority of them have both the physical and mental capability of leadership and hunter level aggression.  Some are more locked into one position or another by genetics and their social environment and other circumstances.  A mild mannered postman today can become a hard core revolutionary tomorrow, with the right trauma.  If he is charismatic enough, he may turn from sincere monogamy to polyamory as he now has the opportunity to explore that part of himself.

There’s another type of guy that is relatively new in the terminology of PUA’s, and that is the omega.  This is a guy who has some sort of severe looks and/or ability issue, and not much money.  Basically he is at the lowest end of male social status with little chance other than a revolution to improve it.  Scoring with one of them who hasn’t yet been driven insane, or gained a severe resentment for all beautiful women (media or natural), may be as simple as very good sex. However, as with many “lesser betas”, they may have the idea that any woman who cares for and sleeps with them, must be somehow defective and worthless. It’s like the Groucho Marx saying about not wanting to join a club that would have them as a member.

So with these guys everything rides on a combination of their level of social conformity, their desire for social status, and their individual mental health.  If they are “off the grid” of the mainstream culture, they may be an Alpha in disguise who finds their niche.  A good example of this would be the painful nerd who takes up a martial art and later joins the Marines.  His mental and physical skills are welcome there.

The pay isn’t so great and he may be even more frightening to the women who usually reject him, but he’ll have mad macho factor which will gain him access to women who most men would find physically intimidating.  For some mainstream omega/niche Alphas, this is a better experience than a bad lay with a woman he has to shag as if she’s made of paper.

Men are already generally stronger than women, and the stronger and more combat adept a guy becomes, the greater divide there will be between him and most women.  So the stronger omega often finds that the top media beauties don’t suit him well after all.  So even when with greater strength, manliness, and self discipline, and martial/military status, he could get more media beautiful women, he often chooses less media beautiful, more naturally beautiful strong women who betas would call “sea cows” or tough, wirey, hyper-fit “crack hoes” or bodybuilders.

On the dark side of this, it may be impossible to get close to this kind of guy for the same reason it may be impossible to get close to a jaded beta or a paranoid or narcissist Alpha.  Being ugly doesn’t make someone a nice person, or give them the strength to play the cards they were dealt with skill.  It’s only character building if the person has a strong character.  This is only advantageous to the woman who likes the pseudo-whore persona.  More on that in specific tactics later.

So different types of men require different tactics.  There isn’t a one-size-fits-all method for getting a man truly interested.  Even within the types there isn’t.

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  1. I have read several books on pua by people like Juggler, Mystery, Sinn and David de angelo. All in all there was a great deal of content in there about evolutionary psychology, the psychology of why people feel attraction, and also attraction triggers. I can trigger these in the girls that i want to. I am an alpha male and although in a manogamous relationship yes you are right I am a person that is polyamorous. However i think the advice you’re giving to women here is vague, ambiguous and for a lot of it inaccurate. If females out there are honestly struggling with finding that Mr. Right to the extent where they are searching this on the internet do you honestly believe that your information is going to help them or confuse them even further. My question to you is this: Do you honestly believe that you are helping women by posting this as female pua?? Because i would have to wholeheartedly dissagree. Thanks for allowing us to comment on this, and i hope you find what you’re looking for.

    Reguards, afc Jamie D

  2. Jamie, we’re not feminists here, and the site isn’t written for men. Men, in their writing on the topic, tend to be more scientific. If I wrote that way for women, nobody would get it. Few understand it as it is.

    Here, we actually want to get women away from the “Mr. Right” way of thinking. This is the “big man” social problem that we’re having now, which is as damaging to relationships as the “hot chick” problem. At no other time in history was a woman or a man ever expected to be their partner’s *everything*. There were social functions that were well delegated, so a guy didn’t need to be the richest, most respected, or most talented on a national scale. He just needed to be alpha enough to fulfil the role of a good father/husband. A guy who could do that, and basically wasn’t a pussy, could have a selection of many women within his social class, and some above.

    Now, the problem is that people are competing with celebrities who have no relevance to their real lives. The vast majority of men want the same thing, that is an unrealistic, unattainable ideal. Women also want the same thing. Everybody can’t all have the “best”, and people’s idea of “best” should be best for them, not best for Brad and Angelina.

    So if what I’m saying seems confusing to you, it’s likely because you’re used to women’s sites written my women in denial who can’t objectively rate themselves, and who act as if romantic relationships happen in some kind of vacuum outside social hierarchies.

    This is not one of those I’m okay-you’re okay sites. The way things are is not okay, and a girl should be realistic about her choices.

  3. This sounds an awful lot like bullshit lady.

  4. I could just as easily say that there are two types of women in the world; those who blatantly act like whores to gain attention or those who try to hide the fact that they’re whores until they meet some easily-manipulated schmuck who’ll learn to accept their inner sluttishness. I mean jesus christers! This shit is awful; do people actually buy into this? And for that matter, could you be any more of an overgeneralizing cunt? Fuck, this website’s very existence sets back true women’s lib. 50 years every single day its fully operational. Shit, I just remembered, how do homo/transexuals fit into your hierarchy? Are they like, sub-Omegas or something? Speaking of hierarchies, I think you ripped off the majority of your theories from the novel “Brave New World”. Aldous Huxley is vomiting in his grave.

  5. Rasputin, you’re saying that all women are whores, and yet complaining that what I said sets back women’s liberation…while calling me a cunt.

    Sounds like you’re confused.

  6. To both James and Rat… I wish you had a clue. Both are so seeped in Modern Culture that it hurts to read. As to the lovely ladies here, may I be the first male to say thank you. And don’t let tHem get you down.

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