Cooking Slim for the Single Girl: 3 Step Plan

There have been a few books and television programs coming out recently about cooking yourself slim.  These are usually geared towards the woman with a family to cook for.  It can be really difficult to apply the same techniques in a single life, but there is a way to do it.  One way is to get roomates.  If you’re renting, you can rent a bigger place with a group of friends.  More communal living is good for you in many ways, especially if you and they have children.  If you don’t have that option though, get in the habit of freezing certain things ahead.

So when you get to your kitchen, you want to have things that are fresh and very nutritious, that will give you what you need, but not too much of what you don’t need.

Step 1:  Get rid of the junk *and convenience* food, and don’t order or eat out to get it.

Fried chips, cookies, cakes, and all that, just get rid of it. 
If you want a cake, you should have to bake it.  If you want chips, you should have to fry them.  If you want ham or chicken sandwiches, you should have to cook the meat yourself.  If you want bean dip, you should have to remember to soak a small pot of beans, etc.  Make snacks that aren’t fresh vegetables or salads involve some actual work. 
Earn your treats.

You remember that your grandma used to make a good macaroni and cheese, and cookies and whatnot, and it’s very easy for these comfort foods to become habits if they’re too easy to get.  These foods aren’t evil, and aren’t bad for you in moderation, but they should not come in a box that you can make in less than an hour.

The only exception to this is maybe crackers and soup almonds.  Having soup instead of pigging out is made easier when you have a little something in it to chew.  Potato flakes may also be okay for when potatoes are not in season, but remember moderation with these.

Bread should not be a replacement for real food.  It’s easy to become a sandwich addict since it’s just so convenient.  Budget your bread.  One person doesn’t need more than one loaf per week.

Step 2:  Stock your kitchen with storable staples, fresh fruits and vegetables, and dried herbs and spices.

Flour, sugar (or fructose sugar, palm sugar, or “selan” or honey instead), salt, grits, corn meal, tomatoes, celery, etc…these things are what other things are made of.  If you know what you like, get the ingredients and store them.

Another thing to note is that the mind will play tricks on you sometimes.  If you see empty cabinets, you want to eat or go shopping.  Having alot of staple foods in the kitchen lets you know you’re not in a crisis, so you won’t get triggered to do something silly like order a pizza when you’ve got yeast and flour, tomatoes, and cheese at home.

Step 3:  Make stocks and beans.

Once a month, boil your chickens until they’re tender, and make a couple of big pots of beans.  Cool it all, and then start dividing them into single serving containers.  The chicken I like to take off the bone and store separately from the stock, as packets of cooked chicken.

Then your meals will be nutritious, for sure, not have alot of unnatural ingredients, and adjustable to what you want that day.  If you want burritos one day you just take out a container of your beans, heat them up, add some chopped tomatoes, peppers, and spices, and there you go. 
If you want chicken and rice, you cook some rice in the chicken stock,
saute some of your chicken meat with some onions, and you’re done.

That’s easy, single serving, nutritious, and with no excess calories.

See, the reason it’s difficult for many people to lose weight is
not because they are actually eating too much in volume.  It’s because they’re eating too much of the wrong thing.
  Once you get used to making your own food and not resorting to convenience foods except on rare occasions (which usually result in nausea in time) you find that it’s actually difficult to get in enough calories to get by.  You’ll discover the meaning of what it is to be really REALLY hungry, because your liver isn’t bogged down trying to process the hidden sugar and other chemicals that would be in your packaged sliced ham, but isn’t in your slow cooked turkey thighs with a dash of liquid smoke and pepper.

In time, most convenience foods will start to taste funny to you.  There will be some exceptions, but not many.  Without getting the junk food, in time you just lose the taste for it.  After months of only having quality dark chocolate in small but satisfying amounts when you made chocolate dipped strawberries or a cake, the normal candy bar will be an unpleasant waste of calories.

It’s just about retraining your tastes, and making it easy for you to
prepare quick single serving meals that will satisfy you and give you the energy you need.  Not difficult at all.

I do recommend however, consulting your doctor and nutritionist.  If you have any special considerations, you need to know that in order to make your plan.  Beware of those diet sheets though.  Most of them are based on some Dept. of Agriculture guidelines, and the actual components aren’t really practical.  Do however, read them for the sake of understanding what kind of nutrition you need in a day.  Just beware of sources of fats and carbs that aren’t close to natural.  Your 90 year old great grandad worked hard and ate lard, schmaltz, or yellow palm or olive oil.

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