Thin is So In, Right?

I’d like to point out a discrepancy in the pro-curves argument.

It’s often said that men who are overly abusive in their defense of the “thin is in” preference, prefer women who look like teenage boys. It makes them out to be some kind of para-pedophiles or more accurate, ephebophiles.

If the women the thin-thought-police lauded as beautiful actually looked like teenage boys, that might not be so bad. Teenage boys and teenage girls aren’t so far apart in figure except the basic superficial sexual characteristics. It’s fairly normal and even healthy for guys to enjoy looking at fresh young women who are of newer fertility, once they at least reach the age of sexual maturity, which is usually between the ages of 16-18.

The women these guys often cite as beautiful (as in more beautiful than average to chubby women) however, without makeup, often look like they’ve been beaten with an ugly stick from head to toe. They are not as pretty as thin to average women who don’t get modelling/acting jobs, but also don’t sniff alot of cocaine, drink too much, or starve regularly.

So rather than adolescent boys, these women look like washed up old alcoholics, heroin addicts, or just plain old for their ages, and not in a good way.

Preferences, I don’t knock anyone’s…but let’s be real here.

I’m all for promoting health and fitness, but this skinny thing has gotten way out of hand. There is enough range of preferences that any healthy woman who takes care of herself doesn’t, in the field, have problems finding a partner if she’s open to it and not unrealistic herself.

I’d like all the women out there to have a look at the link above, and really think about what you are doing right now. Some of you are going overboard with your diet. Some of you are taking weight loss drugs. Some of you with legitimate health problems are being fed drugs you don’t know all the side effects of, that may do you more harm than good.

Celebrities, models, and actresses are women, just like you and me. They just do a job that puts them in higher visibility. They are not ideals for you to build your life around. Take care of you and be the best you that you can be. Don’t try to be someone else. Or if you are going to look up to someone as a mentor, look up to your Yoga or martial arts instructor. Look up to the classy older lady who was a dancer in her day, and survives to actually look good at 50+ because while others were sniffing coke, she was working harder, and her bones didn’t start crumbling at 25.

Find real mentors. Don’t try to copy the celebrities. Some of them are alright, but the ones who are, look like you or your mom. They don’t look so perfect.

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