Sagging Skin a Myth?

In my own weight loss journey, since I’m 38 and was fat for almost 14 years, sagging skin has been a big worry for me.  Every few kilos, I look in the mirror and dread its supposedly inevitable approach.  Yet it isn’t happening.  As I lose weight, the belly is shrinking and lifting.  I accounted it to exceptionally good genes and skin care until I read this article by Ron Brown.

Apparently, the skin isn’t the culprit in a “loose skin” situation.  It’s a combination of malnutrition and muscle loss.  See, this is why you’ll get better information from sports experts than diet experts on these things.  The diet and cosmetic surgery industries seem to be working together to get people to go on fad diets and get unnecessary surgery.  It reminds me of a car mechanic who breaks something in your car so you’ll have to return for more expensive repairs.

If you’ve had bariatric surgery, or have been on an “emergency” diet, you should definitely read that article before you make an appointment  with the plastic surgeon.  Unless you were super-obese, you might not need to get a tummy tuck or panniculectomy.  You might just need to improve your posture, drink more water, and belly dance.

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  1. Nicole, I’m curious, how did you find our Minciu Sodas lab? Are you in Chicago? I applaud your independent thinking! Go girl! 😉

  2. Hi Andrius 🙂

    I found the site while browsing around for things that might be of interest to independent thinkers of the sort who care something for humanity. It wasn’t good enough, in my opinion, to just claim such people exist. I needed to link to some, and Minciu Sodas is one of the few places many post.

    I live in Israel, but I’m from the U.S. One of my personal missions is to render the anti-braiding laws there obsolete, and foster home and small business by teaching anyone who wants to learn beginning to advanced African hairstyling and natural hair care, for free as self study, or a reasonable/accessible price for the certificate courses. So far, so good.

    Now that this is rolling along well, I’m giving some time to other projects like trying to help men and women get along instead of viewing each other as default predators or mercenaries.

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