H. Beatty Chadwick is Finally Free!

See this news report for more details.

For those who don’t know, H. Beatty Chadwick held his ground for 14 years, defying an order that would force him to put 2.5 million dollars into a court controlled account to pay his ex wife alimony.  Without a trial, he was simply imprisoned for contempt on the whim of a moralist judge and a greedy ex.

Before some of you scoff and call this a “poor little rich boy” story, be aware that what happens to men can happen to women.  You could work hard to become a multi millionaire, marry a younger man, get cancer, get dumped, and then have to pay the jerk millions of dollars or get thrown in jail indefinitely.

If you ever wondered why I say that civil marriage is a scam, and nobody should do it, refer to the Chadwick story.  He may have had more money at stake, but the same rules apply.

On the one hand, his ex wife is a greedy whore.  On the other, he was dumb enough to marry her.  One has to wonder how many great women who would have actually care for him, he passed by or stepped on to get to the Barbie of his nightmares.  In the long run he proved himself to be superhumanly tough in the face of exploitation, but where was all this determination when he chose to make paperwork with the phony, painted media prototype, rather than to put his needs above those of the herd?

If indeed his personal tastes and those of the masses just happened to coincide by chance or due to a preference for familiar features of his own heritage, he could have just cohabitated with her, or better, visited regularly.  If one doesn’t want to take the chance of a common law marriage, one can simply set up two separate residences under separate names.  Why did he not do this?

If your taste happens to overlap with the herd, you can’t be in denial of the implications.  This is a lesson for both men and women, rich and poor.  If you’re a woman who’s dating a man with money, you will for as long as the relationship lasts, be competing against other women of all types who will do just about anything to get into his pocket.  If you’re a man dating a woman with the Barbie look, you will always be competing against men of all types who want to get into her pants.  Regardless of a rich man’s initial desire to be faithful, he will be facing temptation to be a lecher for as long as he has money.  Regardless of a Barbie or whatever herd exalted type woman’s initial desire to be faithful, she will be facing temptation to be an active whore for as long as her “beauty” lasts, and as it fades her biological clock will push her into taking the money and running before she loses the leverage to succeed.

So follow the conservative policy “trust but verify”.  Love to the ends of the earth, and make whatever personal sacrifices it takes, but do not put your legal or financial testicles in anyone else’s hands.

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