Too Old For the Club

When are you too old for clubbing?

Well, it depends on the club and the local culture.  In general, a woman should be over clubbing when she’s around 23-25.  By then, she should have a husband or be looking for one, or at least a serious boyfriend.  The optimal time, physically, to have children is between 21 and 27 for most women.  Most women also start showing clear signs of aging by 25-27.  So if you are older than this, you are past your peak.

Despite what some may say, if you conduct yourself well (fun and lively but serious and handling your alcohol well), you can meet a traditional young man, perhaps even your future husband at a club or dance bar if you are under 25.  Over that age, not so much.

At 25, if you are still single, you should “graduate” to bars and pubs that fit your personality well.  It can be a bar where people dance, but not a place that is normally geared to younger people.

There are clubs specifically for people over 30, but these usually have a “meat market” feel to them.  You are probably not going to meet a good man in any of them.  They are mostly full of men cheating on their wives, old hookers or others who are set in their ways and not looking for any type of commitment.  So if you are an affirmative slut with no interest in a commitment whatsoever, and don’t intend to get close enough to have to deal with any “leftover” issues, then it’s fine.  If you are the type who falls in love though, don’t bother.

The exception to this is actual “old school” dance halls and events.  Many places in the world have an active older people culture, and it’s easy to find fun things to do like folk music and dancing and concerts with artists who were hot in your teens and 20’s.  Some youth clubs are owned by older people who set up special nights for people in their age group.

Another exception in youth club culture is if you are one of those older people who sets trends and young people consider you cool.  If you are still being invited, and your going there increases a places “cool factor”, then you may go, but don’t try to behave like one of the kids.  Even then, go only occasionally.

Now here is a video from Liv Learns Life on being too old to go “out-out”.


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