Going Natural Makes You More Attractive

While browsing around, I found an interesting hub on the type of men a woman attracts when she’s wearing her hair in its natural texture.  Apparently men do recognize the difference between healthy natural hair and mediocre processed hair.

According to the writer and commenters, going natural makes you more attractive to older men and men of a wider variety of ethnicities.  It doesn’t however, make you more attractive to the masses in an obviously sexual way.  So those who need to maintain a certain image for the sake of modelling or public relations should tread carefully before doing a Tymoshenko.  Take care that like her, your style is symbolic and iconic.

Considering the damage done to one’s scalp, skin, and immune system by the use of relaxers and other chemicals associated with superficial beauty maintenance, I can understand very well why natural is better to men with finer tastes.  If you’re not ready to go there though, you may want to just consider less harmful means of getting the job done.

A good hairweave or braid fusion allows you to preserve your natural hair while having a straight or wavy look.  It’s ornamentation, rather than chemical alteration.  Though it is technically fake, and will put off the few guys who are repelled by fake women, it’s less harmful.  You won’t lose your fresh glow or ruin your kidneys from it any more than you would from a wig.

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