What Is Game for Girls?

Recent comments have reminded me that I never did actually define game for girls or “girl game”.  I’ll give it a shot.  Mind you, it’s a work in progress.  Some of this comes from thoughts provoked by Obsidian.  Comments are welcome.

Girl Game Is…

…a strategy for securing the sort of mate and/or sexual experiences one desires.

In order to do this one must:

1.  Be aware of the mate and sexual market (which are not the same for non sex workers anymore), and one’s place in it.

This is difficult these days because most of us have an unreal view of our worth, so we’re going to have trouble placing ourselves in the social hierarchy.  Most people allow others to place them, which isn’t such a bad thing for the majority in a functional society because empathy is necessary for human relationships.  When the society becomes dysfunctional and unreal though, one has to become a social outlier in order to be functionally “normal”.

2.  As of the new millenium, one must understand how societal changes made in the past, affect one’s prospects today.

These changes include, but are not limited to:

Women becoming recognized as part of the workforce and citizenry.  We always were, just that after slavery was no longer a legal institution, women demanded that their role be upgraded along with their male counterparts who were once slaves or near slaves.  This, in part, led to the over romanticization of the working woman (outside the home or family sphere), to the point that it became an ideal.  Women in the west now generally strive to be good employees rather than a more realistic contractor or family based entrepreneur.  So it was good to be recognized as part of the workforce, but bad that for some reason this became held in higher value than being a mother who could work at or closer to home.

Equal right to education for women.  Again, good thing, but because of the above, instead of working as a programmer at home or part time as a nurse at the local clinic while the kids are in school making around a grand a month, we commute for an hour to make 3K a month, only to spend 2K of it on the expenses involved with working that far from home.  Smrt duh-hee?

Wider availability of birth control.  Another good thing that didn’t quite do what it should have.  Smart women use it, but throngs of stupid women are still churning out babies they’re incapable of raising well, and their stupid male counterparts unwilling to support.  So now we have an overabundance of excess people who can’t really function in relationships.  They’ve never seen a stable relationship, and are therefore very unlikely to have one.

Well, actually about that, we’re already entering the implosion phase.  Many men are beginning to opt out.  So I guess you can make casual sex trendy, but you can’t make people have it if they don’t want to.  It’s a cost vs. benefit thing.

Divorce and custody laws favoring the ex wife or girlfriend regardless of whether or not they’re the most fitting parent, or even mentally stable.  Gender shouldn’t even be a factor when talking about parental suitability, but it is.  For all the so-called equality, courts still treat mothers as if they’re by default, the better parent.  Sad.

3.  Accept these changes, and learn to successfully survive and thrive despite the majority.

One must turn the situation to their advantage.  It will take strength to do it, but Nature is on your side…and She always wins.

Well, that’s the basics.  Any thoughts?

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