Hottest Men Over 40 List Search

Some of you out there already know that Nicole loves her some silverback.  I think older guys need more love up in here because, especially with the dating market as it is, a great many don’t even become suitable until they turn 40.

Young hunks may be nice to look at, but older guys are nice to…nevermind.

So I’m starting a list of the world’s hottest men over 40.  The thing is though, I don’t want any plastic surgery addicts or over hyped celebrities.  The guys can be famous, but they have to be so for some reason other than their ability to find a high power agent.

So far, my top two are Jeremy Wade, the dude on Animal Planet’s River Monsters, and Randy Couture, the MMA fighter.

Let the submissions begin.  Yes, you can enter your dad, but he’d better be fine.

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