Healthy Is Too Sexy For ABC and Fox

Because of too much cleavage, a Lane Bryant lingerie ad will not be aired on ABC or Fox television networks.

Despite showing ads from Victoria’s Secret, as well as shows with scantily clad women in the size 0-4 range, network censors found the Lane Bryant ad too racy for television.

Lane Bryant is well known as a plus size clothing and accessories catalog, but its models are mostly either average weight, slightly above average weight, just tall, or just very chesty and “bootilicious”.  So the lingerie ad likely had women who look like this:

Plus Size Lingerie

I think it’s kind of funny that in a time when we’re all being pressured to look like meth addicts on steroids, the networks think most people will be more than indifferent about seeing a bit of unstrained flesh on their screens.

Could it be that the sight of very feminine looking women in an ad might help to deprogram the masses?  If it’s okay to have above a C cup, and real hips, then women might actually feel like they’re not monsters for having curves.  Men might actually stop calling 120 lbs. women fat.

Oh no!

Here is one of the actual ads that got turned down:

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  1. It’s not programming. The erector set knows what it likes, and it stands to attention for what it desires. That’s not to say that guys won’t do plus plus-sized gals. You do know that guys masturbate quite a bit, don’t you? What image do you think that most of in their minds? How much would you wager on it being a Lady Bryant model?

    • Apparently there is some social programming involved in your case. They didn’t reject the ad because they felt the women were ugly. They rejected it because they felt it was too sexy for television, especially in the way of giant boobs.

      Lane Bryant models aren’t extremely obese. The ones in the ad certainly not.

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