Great X-pectations by Amy Taylor-Kabbaz

THE women of Generation X were the first to believe they could have it all – then they had babies. Now they must juggle ambition with motherhood

THERE was the promise of great things ahead, a sense that the future was ours. We were the young women of Generation X following in the footsteps of trailblazing South Australians like Roma Mitchell and Natasha Stott Despoja. That’s how Senator Sarah Hanson-Young – at 25 the youngest woman to be elected to Federal Parliament – felt. That’s what Annabel Crabb – a prominent national commentator on Federal politics – believed.

And that’s the way I felt, too.

We are the generation of women who were told from a very young age that we could be anything we wanted to be. Anything, that is, except a mother.

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