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pillsFor the sake of realism I’ve decided to inform womankind that the “magic pill” already exists.  Not only does it exist, but there are different kinds to suit different preferences and physical goals.

Before we get started, let me make crystal clear that I do not advocate the use of controlled substances without a prescription, or the use of even legal, herbal remedies without medical supervision.  Your doctor should be aware of whatever you’re taking.


For those who want to both lose weight and gain muscle mass, Clenbuterol is a solution that has been used by bodybuilders and fitness models since at least the 1990’s.  It is not available for use by humans in the U.S. and elsewhere, its labelled use is for asthma and like respiratory problems.  Weight loss/muscle gain is considered an “off label” use.  Everywhere, it is considered a performance enhancing drug that will bar you from participation in most official sporting events.  So it is a vanity drug that should only be utilized by non competing amateurs.

It begins to gradually lose its effectiveness after a month, so it should be cycled or only used temporarily.  It is a good short term solution for those who need to diet down for summer or a special event, but not good for long term maintenance.

Click here to read more about Clenbuterol for weight loss.


There has already been a lot of buzz about ADHD drugs such as Ritalin and Adderall for weight loss.  While celebrities and weight loss gurus are telling others to eat right and exercise, the dirty secret is that many of them are taking ADHD drugs, supposedly for their adult ADHD or depression.  So put down the maple syrup and cayenne pepper.  The whole, “I lost weight from detox,” is a half truth.  The way they were able to live on a celery stick and a rice cake every day for weeks is because of stimulants.

If you’re going that route, it is very important to only do it by prescription.  You should also go for Concerta instead of Ritalin or Adderall, because it is time released.  You are less likely to feel any need to abuse them.  You can take a lower dose and still get through the day, and you are less likely to have the side effects of taking higher doses of stimulants.

Read more about Concerta and weight loss.

Nicotine – Caffeine Stack

Since nicotine and caffeine are now available in gum form, many are chewing a combination of them for appetite suppression.  This works very well for many, because it can be used as needed, and the only side effects are of nicotine and caffeine, which most people are comfortable with.  The problem is that gum itself is habit forming, as are nicotine and caffeine.  So you’ll have to be okay with chewing a lot, and the wear and tear this has on your jaw.

It does work though.  Read the study on it here.

Hoodia Gordonii

Hoodia was a much hyped natural appetite suppressant, but through all the hype, nobody seems to have asked how to take it properly, or what to expect from it.  People were told to take the pills, sometimes multiple pills, half an hour to an hour before meals, and this was totally wrong.  In addition, they were told that they wouldn’t get hungry.  This is also wrong.  Part of the reason for the misinformation is that many if not most hoodia supplements, didn’t actually contain much hoodia.  The amounts were negligible, so people were basically taking a fiber or stimulant pill, and as shady as some manufacturers are, they mostly didn’t have much of any of the active ingredients.  The other reason for the misinformation is either to sell more pills, or lack of knowledge of how hunters in Africa actually use hoodia and like herbs.

So first of all, you need to get hold of some real hoodia gordonii capsules or extract from a reputable manufacturer, like Swanson.  Then, you have to take it properly.  The proper way to take hoodia is with a big meal.  You take it during or immediately after a big meal, and it preserves the feeling of satisfaction for a day or so.  So it is perfect for people on Eat Stop Eat a.k.a. intermittent fasting schedules.  It is not good for people into deprivation diets who don’t ever eat a truly well balanced and satisfying meal.

On hoodia, you will feel mild hunger, but it won’t mean as much to you.  It feels like being hungry, but as soon as you think about actually eating some food, it’s over, and you’d rather have water or tea.  If you have some tea with a little honey, you are full again.  If you’re looking for something to completely shut down your appetite, opt for the stimulants, but if you just want to curb the urge to snack or break your fast, then hoodia is quite enough.

Hopefully, this article helps you to get to your weight loss goals.  Just be mindful that when your appetite is low, every calorie countsEat quality, natural food, and avoid the processed junk.

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  1. As for the different types of hoodia, there is only one type of hoodia that I recommend because it is the most effective. That type is pure hoodia gordonii POWDER. Hoodia gums, patches, lollipops, etc. etc. are all nothing but gimmicks. Hoodia extracts are also suspect and may not even be possible to make.

  2. Good point. When I used it, I used the capsules with powder, not a liquid. It worked well, but a little too well for my taste. For folks who don’t get much activity and need to reduce their caloric intake though, it could be just the thing to prevent boredom eating.

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