Smelling Really Good: How to Maximize Your Attraction With Scent

Everyone knows that scent plays an important role in attraction.  Here at G4G though, the objective is to attract the right kind of men, and to do what one can to please them after the initial attraction.  Even if a guy doesn’t quite remember what was said during an event or incident, he’ll probably remember the smells.  So it’s important to not only clean and scent yourself well, but to mind odors in your living space and other areas you influence.

Vanilla and Cinnamon

Recently, there has been a lot of hype around the vanilla and cinnamon combination.  It reminds men of the smell of pastries, and their mom’s baking if they had an active mother.  Somehow, it is also arousing, but I’m not sure that it’s quite as simple as spraying on a vanilla cinnamon perfume.

First of all, the synthetic versions can have the opposite of the intended effects.  Vanillin, the fake vanilla flavor/scent can be nauseating to men who are on natural diets.  Most non-mainstream men are these days because they’ve learned about the harmfulness of overly processed foods.  Synthetic cinnamon has a terrible sour after-smell.  So if you choose a vanilla cinnamon scent, make sure it’s the real thing, mixed by an aromatherapist or ethnic scentologist.

Second, having the smell without the food is teasing.  So if you’re going to wear vanilla and cinnamon, make sure to keep some freshly baked goodies handy, or be ready to bake when the man you like takes the bait.

Another thing to keep in mind is that spicy scents are best in colder weather.  So you’ll want to wear a more floral scent in summer.  The good news is that real vanilla goes very well with flowers.

Some good, spicy scents are:

Yves Saint Laurent Opium, Coco de Chanel, Louisiana Voudun’s and the Wiccan recipe for Isis, and Avon’s Occur.


What kinds of flowery scents smell good on you depends on your body chemistry and time in your cycle.  What smells good on you when your ovulating, probably won’t when you’re on your period.  You also have to consider again that synthetic scents don’t have the same effect as natural scents.

The one I hear the most complaints about from guys aside of fake vanilla or musk, are fake rose and fake jasmine.  If you’re going to wear either of those, take the time to shop for some made with real rose or jasmine essential oil.  Even some of the more expensive perfumes use synthetic scents, so the best way to be sure is to skip the mainstream and opt for an Arab or African “attar” or aromatherapist/scentologist prepared oil.

Al Rehab is an Arab brand that has ready made attar based oils.  They also have spray perfumes, but generally people buy the oils, so they’re the ones you’re most likely going to find if you don’t live in the middle east.  Just go to any Islamic or Arab store that has halal cosmetics.  There are also a few eBay sellers.  Do a search for “attar”.

Red Rose is an excellent scent by Al Rehab.  It doesn’t smell like what a rose perfume usually smells like.  It has a slight kiss of musk in it, so it not only smells good to men, but it makes you feel sexier.  Full is their jasmine attar, and it is just dreamy.  It smells super-feminine, and just like having a romantic walk through a garden of jasmine bushes.

Another Al Rehab scent that has generated some buzz is Golden.  It is a mixed floral scent that is described as “very young”.  So it’s a good scent for teenagers and very youthful athletic types.


Straight men don’t smell musk as intensely as women do.  What they do sense of it triggers more platonic comraderie than sexual attraction.  So it’s not a good idea to make musk the primary scent for attraction purposes.  If your perfume is just musk, then it’s somewhat wasted on men unless it’s to blend in and seem like one of the guys.

It is good however, for making you feel sexy, and making other females around you perceive you as sexy.  So if you work in a service position, or are trying to befriend your boyfriend’s mom, then musk is essential.  Back it up with a vanilla and floral combination, and you’ll be more generally attractive to people.

Good base musk scents that don’t clash with others are Egyptian Musk, and African Musk.

Egyptian Musk is made from or made to smell as if it is from the urine or clumps of the male ibex.  It is nowhere in the mainstream market, so you’ll have to go to an Arab or African scent specialist or vendor.  If you’re in the Los Angeles area, some vendors along Venice Beach have it.  Elsewhere, look in the Islamic stores, Rastafarian shops or Afro-Latino Botanicas. 

African Musk is available only from Africans or Voudun friendly spiritualists because it has to be acquired by hand from an animal called the civet, and is somewhat rare outside of the spiritual communities.  Chanel #5 uses synthetic civetone as an ingredient.  It’s really not the same.  When you get some of  the real thing, you understand what C5 was trying to be like.

White Musk is synthetic, and though it smells nice to some people, it is missing something as far as the aromatherapeutic benefits.  So a good, natural alternative is China Musk that is harvested from the clumps of the musk deer.  It has a clean scent reminiscent of a good old fashioned soap.  Back in the old days, they used real musk in soaps, so this is probably why it reminds me of that.  China Rain is a scent that is based on China Musk, and is a favorite of many in service professions who like to smell friendly.  It smells like happy people.

Soft Musk is an old Avon favorite.  Yes, it’s synthetic, but it’s pretty.  Somehow, it’s boosted well so that men really like it.

Woods and Resins

Sandalwood is a very well known scent in the mainstream, as is cedar.  One woodsy scent that shines in Arab perfumes though, is oudh.  It is quite unique, and worth a try if you are the type of woman who has a very strong femininity.  Al Rehab has a variety of oudh based scents, and honestly, the best way to find out which one is best is to sample them.  Sheikh Perfumes at eBay usually has a 10 or 20 piece 3ml. sampler set.

Myrrh is a nice clean smelling scent reminiscent of baby products.  It’s great for adding a touch of innocence to your smell.  Frankencense is deeper, and goes well with myrrh or spicy scents.  If you smell like roses, frankincense and myrrh, you’ll remind guys of church.

One resin that is gaining popularity in Goth circles lately is dragon’s blood, made from the resin of a special palm tree.  It doesn’t have much of a scent when dissolved, but it is good as incense.  So most dragon’s blood perfumes are boosted with a bit of frankencense and spices.

Chocolate is a fun fragrance, as is coconut.  Just be aware that as with cinnamon and vanilla, smelling like food should imply that you like to cook.  The smell of coconut especially enhances the appetite.


Fruity scents like peach, apple, banana, and orange, add a bit of fun to your scent.  They’re happy and playful, but try not to overdo them.  Sometimes they can be overpowering and smell a little too sickly sweet.


Depending on your faith, it may or may not be a good idea to wear perfumes out in public.  Muslim and Christian women of some sects are forbidden to do so.  There is also a time and a place for more attractive strong scents, and for softer, more subtle scents.  Go by your clothing.  If you’re wearing business or work attire, you want a more confident or friendly scent in a subtle strength.  If you’re going out in the evening, you want something stronger, that tells guys who get close to you a bit about your personality.  On a date, you want to be more specific, and choose a scent that is likely to inspire positive or sexual feelings.  With a long term partner, you want to be even more specific, and go with scents your partner enjoys.

Scents Around the House

Home should smell like a nice place to be.  It shouldn’t have a cloud of synthetic vapors hovering in it, but it should smell pleasant.  This can be difficult if you have pets or live in an area with a lot of cars or scent pollution.

Scents that smell good in the home are lemon, pine, cedar, and lavender.  A combination of lemon and cedar is especially nice, and helps to counter cat odors.

To neutralize bad scents in carpets and furniture, sprinkle a bit of baking soda around, and let it set a few minutes before vacuuming them.

Please feel free to comment with your own good scents.

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