The Breakup Playlist

We don’t do pitiful girly songs here.  If you really want to get motivated, and get over the guy, you need power songs with a good dose of reality. You may notice that most of these songs are performed by men. That’s because when you’re having man problems, sometimes the best person to guide you out of them is a man who can articulate the emotions of attachment, recovery, and butching up clearly. Some women can do that well, but men tend to do well at it more often.

One Republic, Too Late to Apologize

This is Apocalyptica featuring Nina Hagen, singing a cover or Rammstein’s Seemann that sums up what your friends were probably trying to tell you when you were stuck on Mr. Wrong.

Speaking of Rammstein…Wollt ihr das bett in Flammen Sehen?

Evanescence Lacrymosa, for when you’re blamed for his supposed heartache about not being able to use you with impunity.

Fred Durst spells some stuff out nicely in Outside.

Godsmack, I Stand Alone always makes me feel better.

…and for when it’s time to start again with someone new, Omarion’s Ice Box. This song held up a mirror to my face when I almost started slipping with a new guy.

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