The Negativity Cycle: Bitterbitching in Public

Have you ever been sitting with some friends on a girl’s night out, and had one of them say, “There are no good men here!”

Have you ever been the one to say that?

Do you wonder why you or your friend doesn’t have a good man yet?

Imagine if you were in a pub or club minding your own business and having a good time, and somewhere in your vicinity, you hear a guy saying, “All the girls here are FUGLY!”  Would you run up to him, pose, and try to prove him wrong?

Of course not.  You’d find his attitude repellant and avoid him.  This is why the good men are avoiding you.  Your bad attitude or indulgence of a bad attitude in your friends makes him think you are a stuck up bitch.  Actually, it lets him know that you are because if you think that way, he is right to stay far away from you.

Negativity attracts nothing but negativity.  If you don’t learn to keep a lid on such irrational outbursts, you are cutting yourself off at the knees.  It doesn’t matter how pretty you are or how special.  Nothing kills a good man’s boner like a raging harpy.

So now that we’ve got your attitude straightened out, here’s some advice on how to handle bitter or momentarily angry friends and peers.

Responding to Bitterbitching

When your friend says, “There are no good men here!” you can say,

“If there were any, they’re running away now.”

“Crap.  We were having such a good time.  Stop being a downer!”

“You catch more flies with honey…”

“There are.  You’re just driving them away with your bitterbitching.”

Nip bitterbitching in the bud before it blossoms into a full blown gripe fest.  Guys avoid groups of women in a gripe fest like the PLAGUE.

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  1. I agree totally. A negative attitude doesn’t spead a happy feeling, a positive one with a strong positive energy can make people happy just from interaction. Not to mention that looking outward and blaming the rest of the world saying its every other an’s fault isn’t going to help, look inward and think “Am I attracting people with my bitchiness” don’t think so. Be postive! be happy!

  2. Its very true

    You can catch more flies with honey

    Men and Women attract what they think about.

    If you think negative you attract what you think about

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