Recovering Fat Ass

Last week, a friend of mine got bariatric surgery.  She’s hypoglycemic, and had a vitamin B-12 deficiency, and was under 100 kg. and yet her doctors thought this was a good idea.  I fear for her life.

I wish I could say that this was shocking, but I understand that I live in a culture that is rapidly Americanizing in all the wrong ways.  Women who weren’t rich always had to work, but feminism is deprioritizing home making to the point that women don’t know how to cook anymore.  So where our grandmothers who were nurses’ idea of food in a hurry was leftovers or chicken and rice and some greens or a salad, today’s mom makes frozen pizza in the microwave.

Western culture, as far as fat is concerned, sets people up for a fall nowadays.  Unless a person is stubborn enough to keep cooking the old fashioned way, and knows about paleo and traditional ethnic diets, they are bound to get fat and/or sick.  Their bones will crack and their joints dissolve under normal weight, much less overweight.

Then, of course, as their organs break down one by one, and they become insulin resistant and vitamin deficient, the solution is “slash for cash”.  Weight loss surgery is becoming big business like breast augmentation and liposuction.  To the shady mechanics who set up this system, and made you afraid of the very foods that could save your life, the problem is not that you’re unhealthy.  Oh no.  It’s that you’re fat.  It’s the fat that’s evil, not the vitamin deficiencies.

One may ask why don’t people just go natural?  Sooner or later these days, every fat person looking for answers is going to stumble on low carb or paleo.  They don’t have to go to extremes.  They can go ethno, and eat like their great grandparents, as much as they want, and still lose weight.  The problem is that it can take years to both undo the damage that was done by the typical western diet (or TWD), and lose the extra weight as a result.  Also, people don’t want to look like their great grandparents.  They want to look like the celebrities (who aren’t that far off in weight, but are made up to look like they’re somehow plump just under the skin and yet skinny).

The celebrities promise a tight, wrinkle free thinness that will automatically make you hot.  Our grandparents and great grandparents who were slim looked their age, and often then some.  Their thinness, a natural thinness, isn’t good enough for today’s standards.

So millions of people go under the knife, and lose weight.  Then they go under the knife again to deal with the sagging skin that comes along with losing too much weight too quickly.  Then they have to go under the knife again when their organs start to fail just as surely as if they would have if they’d stayed obese because the obesity wasn’t the cause of their problems, just one of the many effects.

Then there are the fat bashers.  That a person changes their eating habits and lifestyle isn’t enough.  They’re like religious people talking about any kind of premarital sex.  Once you’ve lost your virginity, you’re a shameless whore…only with fat, it doesn’t matter if you repented (went natural).  So long as you’re fat, you’re a sexually worthless burden on the healthcare system, and nothing you can do or say makes any difference.

Natural isn’t fast enough when everyone around you is constantly hating on you or smarmily propping up your “self confidence” with lies.  So a fat person who goes natural has to be a very independent thinker to resist the scalpel.  It’s even difficult for me at times, until I hear yet another horror story, or even a positive account that includes the yummy injections and infusions one has to get to stay alive after.  Then there’s the hair loss.  “I’m balding, but I’m skinny, damnit!”

…not something I’d recommend unless it really was life and death.

Slow and steady wins the race.  So while people still pick on me, I’m getting to the point where I just smile and shake my head the way my old Tae Kwon Do instructor, Mr. Kim used to.  Every once in awhile, we’d get a cocky new student who thought he was being underestimated when told to spar with a kid who was smaller than him.  The truth of their predicament was apparent though, when they’d get laid out flat.

“I see dead people.”

The vast majority of fat bashers are unhealthy, and not just mentally.  Aside of being full of self hatred, they’re “skinny fat” or full of pounds and pounds of crap.  One could easily make an educated guess that their livers look like Swiss cheese, and that the reason they find it so easy to eat less is that their pancreas is half dead from nutritional neglect.  They actually think they’re burning sufficient calories to make a real difference in weight loss by doing the equivalent of taking a leisurely stroll for a total of maybe an hour and a half to two hours a week.

On top of that, their starving makes them hostile and bitter.  They work hard to keep their figures because they have to.  Their meagre rations aren’t giving them enough energy for them not to think of walking or riding a bike or going for a run as normal activity.  If they were eating enough, they would be like most of us were as kids, and run to places just to get there faster…walk to places that were less than 5 km. away because why would someone waste gas for that.

They’d be like most of us who go natural become again.  It wouldn’t be hard work at all, so losing weight or being slim or a reasonable size would be fun.  Learning how to cook the old fashioned way would be a cool hobby, albeit a very important one.  It would just be…natural.

…but no, for them it’s an accomplishment.  I suppose that drawing a copy of the Mona Lisa with your eyes closed would be an accomplishment too, but it wouldn’t be as good as the original.  It’s hard for them to not take what I’m saying as skinny bashing when I tell them basically that there’s a difference between hard work and productive work.  They’re working hard at something that shouldn’t even be work.  It was living a normal life until meat became murder and grains the base of the food pyramid.

So I have to deal with their assumptions.  If I was to get on a plane, I might even be at risk of having to pay for an extra seat even though I weigh 35 kg. less than I did a few of years ago, the last time I flew.  I’m assumed to be lazy even though I walk more in a day than most of the people judging me do in a week.

It’s alright though…because when I look at them, I see dead people.  They’re walking time bombs, and just don’t know it.  If they don’t go natural too, which would change their perspective dramatically, they’re going to get fat and/or ill from something very preventable.

I won’t gloat though.  It’s what they think they’re looking at, when they see me.  This is what the media tells them, and in most cases, it’s probably true.  I just wish, for all the people like me out there, who are going slow and steady, they’d at least make more educated insults.

Eat less and exercise more?  Try eat well and live life.

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  1. You are so right.
    Surgery is needed to lose weight. Neither is dieting.
    What is required is the majority of cases is a simple mindshift into a healthy lifestyle.
    Simple may be making light of what must be a very serious commitment on behalf of the person making the change.
    Great post. Good thoughts written well.

  2. Damn.
    Surgery ISN’T required to lose weight.

  3. Surgery is NOT required to lose weight! People think that by having surgery and having the same diet, they would lose weight…thats never going to happen..
    I like your thoughts in this post. I come from Peru in south america and when I came to the US I was amazed by the number of obesity in this country…especially in kids. You see in Peru we don’t see obesity problems because the food is pretty much homemade. Yes there is Mcdonalds but for us that was some kind of luxury food…way too expensive for our budget, instead people would go to a local restaurant that would serve an affordable menu but that would include a full meal. Im my opinion, if you cut all the fast food there is, obesity would be gone forever…just my thought

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