Dirty Truth #001 Unconventional Beauties

In real world terms, “unconventional beauty” is the same as unrecognized beauty or beauty that may as well not be there at all. It makes no difference whether it is the ultimate physical or behavioral sign of ultimate sexual or reproductive fitness or success. Nobody cares.

Nope. Nobody. Not even the people who understand in some way, that you are beautiful.

Though some men will manage to pull off the tediously common miracle of achieving erections in your presence, and sometimes at the very thought of you and whatever is beautiful about you, it will not matter. Even if someone accomplishes the less common but still fairly normal feat of loving you, he will either feel as if he is settling, or take grossly uncareful liberties with your soul. Why? Because he can. It may be years before you meet someone who is interested enough in your soul to bother damaging it.

At the beginning, your returning his love will be enough, and because you are unconventional, you will love him for loving you. You will be grateful to the Universe and to him for giving you such a gift. At some point, much sooner than you are ready however, you will realize that this gift was actually bought on credit.

Your bill will arrive with circus music that sounds vaguely like, “Bowp chicka bowp-bowwww…” and dancers either half your dress size or double your cup size twirling hoops through which you will have to jump or be rejected. Each time you jump through a hoop, you will land in a pile of something nasty, yet you will be expected to show up to the next one clean and healthy. The hoops will get higher and have nastier stuff on the other side each time.

You must never complain. You are indeed fitter, stronger, and have more endurance than more conventional women. Some of the hoops you may even enjoy and do a flip before executing a perfect landing. Some hoops however, may leave you gutted inside or confused or resenting the master of ceremonies to the point that you run away with one of the dancers.

This is the nature of the beast though. When you are not a recognizable beauty, you have to put out. Is it worth it? Hell yeah. You weren’t naive enough to think love wasn’t conditional anyway. You do what you gotta do to get by and “ride or die”.

Is it painless though? No. So butch up.

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  1. The rapid rise of porn coincides with the MGTOW movement. It’s symptomatic of men’s collective disinterest in today’s modern woman.

    Feminism has ruined modern women. They’re no longer feminine. Women frequently bash men. Women insist they no longer need men, just as a fish doesn’t need a bicycle.

    Men’s gravitation to porn is the natural outcome of this hostility. It’s also why the MGTOW movement is growing so rapidly.

    • You\’re half right. In my view, the men and women of this generation deserve each other. It\’s not like there\’s been no backlash. I was a part of it. So were a few friends of mine who made it through many difficulties to be good mothers and/or good women contributing something to the world in the ways that we do best. Even before we knew we were part of a backlash, we knew something was wrong, and we were going to be part of what was right.

      Many women have gone their own way too…I wonder if we can do something to help the men and women who\’ve given up to find each other and create strong families instead of feeling lost and alone in lands with majority stupids.

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