Video: Looks Do Matter, but Maybe Not the Way You Think

Here’s my take on the role of looks in relationships.

Looks matter in romance for many good reasons.  How someone looks gives us information about their background, fitness, attitude, receptiveness, and many other things.  However, our selection processes have been tampered with by society and the media, and sometimes chemicals in our food, environment, and medications.

Though there has been porn since there has been art, and advertisement since there has been business, these things did not have the same impact in the past as today, due to strong cultures and strong family identity.  Even today, the mass media and other external influences do not have as much influence on the lives and doings of people with strong cultures and identities.

So what beauty is, and how important it is has changed.  It used to be that a man judged femininity, and by extension, beauty and suitability according to the women in his life, and the women in his area.  Now, the women in his area have to compete with women thousands of miles away, who that man will never encounter in person.

The good news is that the male sex drive and paternal instinct are no match for the media.  Regardless of what they are programmed to believe is more or less socially acceptable, they are still wired for survival, for the most part.  So really, all a woman has to do is not panic, remember the basics, and live her life.

What is attractive to men is femininity.  So a woman who wants to be attractive should simply do what she can to enhance her femininity.  Nature will do the rest.

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I'm a multifaith spiritual counselor with lots of experience assisting people with improving their relationships. Feel free to comment on the site or contact me if you have an issue you'd rather discuss privately.

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  1. Anyway you could do one of these for men too? Would be much appreciated, you are awesome.

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