Swirling Should Not Be a Movement

There has been a bit of hype of late about “swirling” (African American women dating and marrying outside their ethnicity).  Some have made it a kind of a movement.  I don’t think it should be a movement, just that people should date whoever does right by them.  Other men aren’t more likely to do right by an African woman.  They’re actually less likely because of ideas of worth based on color/ethnicity and a tendency throughout history of whoever’s considered the “upper class” to look down on and exoticise the “lower class”.

So if you’re open to dating out, don’t discriminate by color, but definitely discriminate by behavior. If you have to lower rather than adjust your expectations or demands, then you are not doing yourself any favors by dating out.

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I'm a multifaith spiritual counselor with lots of experience assisting people with improving their relationships. Feel free to comment on the site or contact me if you have an issue you'd rather discuss privately.

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