New Masculinity Syndrome

Broken Man New Masculinity Syndrome (NMS) is a term coined by spiritual counselor Arden Keren, meaning a collection of dysfunctional thought and behavioral patterns typical of human males who have bought into misandry or been brainwashed by misandrists.  Whether by choice or upbringing (usually upbringing by a woman with Fractured Femininity Syndrome in the case of modern western men currently under 50 years of age), they fear and hate masculinity and their own manhood, and do as much as possible to avoid it.  Sometimes this extends to ironically attempting to forcibly crush it in others.

It bears mentioning that NMS is a natural result of systemic racism and classism. There is financial and political interest in suppressing the masculinity of men one wishes to keep under some form of oppression or disadvantage. Even in a culture that seems patriarchal on the surface, not all men are considered equally valuable. The masculinity of men in the lower classes or castes will be villainized. An obvious example can be seen in the treatment of African American men and boys as “thugs”, while “white” American men and boys behaving the same or worse are classed as “precocious”.

Much like feminine beauty, optimal masculinity is perceived within the narrative of the higher or favored class, caste, or “race”. The victim of NMS views himself in the context of whether or not he does or can conform to a specific ideal that his parents, his society, the government, and law enforcement impose on him.

The most obvious sufferer of NMS calls himself a “male feminist” these days.  What they really are however, are the slaves and henchmen of elitists who present as something like female supremacists. Note, I’m using the term “female” because this type does not include trans women in their definition of womanhood. Their definition only includes those who were assigned the sex female at birth. These are the men who wear t-shirts with “this is what a feminist looks like” and wants to wear your high heeled shoes and underwear, not because it’s his fetish, but so he can make a show of experiencing your suffering.  He has no social contact with crosdressers, trans people, or non binary people he is not hoping to have sex with. During sex, when he asks if he is hurting you, it is not dirty talk or a rhetorical question or even sexy consent checking, just virtue signaling.  Like many slaves though, not all are very good ones.  Some talk the talk, but are snakes in the grass pretending to be feminist, but have lost control of their inner animal.  More on that later.

The less obvious sufferer of NMS is the man afraid of owning anything.  His ego is over externalized, and he vehemently avoids owning even his own feelings or consequences of his own behavior.  He often has high levels of hatred and jealousy for men who behave like men and therefore reap the rewards of manhood.  He may be aggressive, but his aggression is usually misdirected and/or passive aggression.  He firmly believes that he should be able to get man things without man actions, and reacts with hostility and dismissal rather than self improvement, when faced with natural reality.

He has been convinced by his mother and other like minded women that normal and often naturally unavoidable parts of the female experience are somehow exceptionally horrible pains inflicted on women by men and perhaps an unjust god.  He is unaware of the true evils of extreme patriarchy, yet feels responsible for the suffering of all women everywhere, and usually copes with this one of two ways: doing his best to alleviate this suffering by being a “nice guy”, or internalizing his role as the default victimizer/predator and women the default victims/prey.  Basically, either way he becomes a bad caricature of a woman: either a pushover or a bitch.

Though the majority of western men today are suffering from this condition, the men’s rights movement, and its more social interaction focused extension, the pick-up artist community, were proof that not all modern men are buying the hype. The problem with both of those though, is as their movements grew and were recognized as politically useful, politicians and agents took advantage of the fact that old habits die hard. Between NMS and people’s desire to conform, and the issues being so easy to use to trigger self pity, they were hijacked to convince them to vote against their interests.

To this day, many are still in denial about how they got tooled, and in 2020 with the election coming soon, we see they haven’t learned their lesson. The Mueller report came out, and even though some of the leaders made a show of going to Russia for unknown reasons, they refused to make the connection. Meanwhile there’s an upsurge of crimes against the most vulnerable, especially marginalized groups such as trans women, the disabled, and immigrants. I’m counting both street and institutional crimes such as the federal deputies being unleashed to terrorize protesters, complete with teargas, brownshirt/black vanning tactics, attacking journalists, and aiming rubber bullets for the head.

For sufferers of NMS, self pity is the ultimate weapon. You can get them to do anything by convincing them that any target group is responsible for their pain. Most simply don’t have the sack to actually go against the people funding their programming. It’s easier to kill their spouse, children, or neighbor, or innocent people in a Walmart than question the system.

(Update 2016: Because of confusion exacerbated by the mainstream media’s failures of investigation, I would like to make it very clear that though pick-up artistry falls under the umbrella of male empowerment, PUA’s and MRA’s are not the same thing.  There is plenty of overlap, but there are also a great many differences that render these two very distinct groups.  Roosh V. is not specifically a men’s rights activist, and Paul Elam is not specifically a pick-up artist.)

(Update 2019: I would also like to clarify that we do not consider either Roosh V. or Paul Elam pinnacles of manhood as both are sufferers of severe NMS. They’ve internalized the “monster” label, and at least Roosh V. has sold out to the shadier sides of divisive politics. Here at G4G we understand that the liberal/conservative dichotomy is false, and at its phoniest in U.S. politics. We side with neither western feminists who disempower women by shackling us under a patriarchal and “white” supremacist model of power, nor with “anti feminist” angry “white” American males who are just fakes. “White” nationalists worship western elite women, and their mission is to keep the price of that flavor of vagina high at other women’s expense. So we’re just trying to survive this insanity.)

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