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I just read one of the few arguments in favor of wearing makeup that made me consider actually facing up regularly when I go out.

7. There is something intimate about seeing a girl without makeup. When I’ve seen my ex-girlfriends without their hair and makeup done, I’ve had two thoughts: a she is less attractive, but b it is nice that I get to see this side of her. It is an expression of intimacy – and her confidence – that she can be herself in my presence, and this is worth something.

via The Rules Revisited: What Men Think of You Without Makeup.

It is a bit intimate.  Without makeup, guys may get the impression that you are more approachable, available, or compliant than you really are.  I’m sure there’s a line between looking confident and well groomed, and looking overly compliant or receptive with makeup too, but without it you’re saying for certain that you are easygoing.  This may be a bad thing in some contexts.

So if you, like me, usually don’t wear makeup, take this journey with me, and then tell me how it went for you.  For the next month, whenever you find this post, wear at least eyeliner and lipstick when you go out.  See if people treat you differently.

Here goes…


before and after

I’m accepting the differences in how men and women view appearances.  I think I look better without makeup, but most of my male friends think I look better with it.  Some see it as useless paint though.

Feel free to send me your with and without photos.  I’ll post them here.

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