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Last weekend’s horror in Santa Barbara, where 22-year-old Elliot Rodger killed six people and wounded more than a dozen before shooting himself, unexpectedly sparked a feminist moment. With revelations that Rodger’s killing spree was fueled by anger over rejection by women and that he had posted on what some described as a “men’s rights” forum (actually, a forum for bitter “involuntarily celibate” men), many rushed to frame the shooting as a stark example of the violent misogyny said to be pervasive in our culture. The Twitter hashtag #YesAllWomen sprung up as an expression of solidarity and a reminder of the ubiquity of male terrorism and abuse in women’s lives. Most of the posters in the hashtag were certainly motivated by the best of intentions. But in the end, this response not only appropriated a human tragedy for an ideological agenda but turned it into toxic gender warfare.

via From Toxic Misogyny to Toxic Feminism | RealClearPolitics.

I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiments of this article.  Dude was all twisted up inside, and this can’t be blamed on misogyny or the patriarchy.  The guy was badly mothered, and put on drugs instead of having his emotional needs met from childhood through his very brief physical adulthood.

Both his “parents” sucked, and it is wrong to try to blame men, especially men’s rights activists who are trying to prevent such horrible abuse and neglect of boys.  This includes PUA’s who are trying to cure men of the combination of laziness and over entitlement that makes them think the Pussy Fairy should just drop vaginas on them from the sky with no effort, and something is wrong with the world if it doesn’t.

Real Clear Politics

Update December 12, 2019: This link has been removed because even though the site was a good alternative to the mainstream in 2014, it has become a tool of Trump propaganda. Many sites have sold out since 2015. Those who were sincere woke up by 2016. Any “news” site, even if it’s biased towards Republican party interests, that is still boosting the shady sector of Republican politicians and not holding them accountable and encouraging the ones who actually do the right thing, is basically sponsored fake news. So we’re not sending them any traffic even if some of their pre campaign articles were good.

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