The Death of Love, Marriage, & Community, in Black America?: Requiem for a Heavyweight

According to the excellent research of Harvard African American historian Professor Louis “Skip” Gates, Blacks, immediately coming out from under slavery, got married in droves and were eager to build families and communities. In fact, marriage was such a norm in Black America that by 1950 MORE Black Women were married than White Women—this at the height of the Jim Crow era.

By the year 2000, however—only a half-century later—marital rates in Black America not only plummeted but also were at all-time low levels. Blacks, even when controlling for education and incomes, divorce and break up at a rate much higher than Whites of the same education and income levels. To be sure, and some would point out, not without reason, that racism would play a role in that. After all, another fellow Harvard academic, Professor Alvin Poussaint, has rightly noted the ways in which merely being Black can and does have an impact on just living in the United States day to day.

via The Death of Love, Marriage, & Community, in Black America?: Requiem for a Heavyweight.

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