The Seven Marks of Beauty (That Men Actually Care About)

In the Netherlands, they have a set of 7 marks that are specific to their old culture.  In India, there are 7 marks that fit theirs.  There are things though, that are pretty universal, so here is the G4G7M (Game for Girls Seven Marks) that men actually care about across most cultures.

If you have all seven of these, you can pretty much get away with murder.  Just being honest.

1. A well proportioned, feminine face.

Your face should be fairly symmetrical with all its parts where they belong.  You should look like a girl whether or not you are wearing makeup.  If you don’t then you should use makeup to correct it.  Heterosexual men prefer a feminine face regardless of trends.

2. A well proportioned body.

Most men don’t care so much about weight in and of itself, but among primates, females are generally smaller than men.  You have a physical problem with your weight when it is limiting your mobility and/or causing you health problems.  You have a social problem with your weight when you no longer trigger protective instincts in the men of your culture.  Don’t worry about men outside your culture unless that is your preference.

What ever your weight, you should dress for your figure and eat natural food.  If you do this, the proportions will take care of themselves unless you have a hormonal problem.  In that case, the medication will probably fix it.  If not, then accessorize.

3. An alluring smile.

Take care of your teeth, and if you need dental work, get it.  The state of one’s teeth can make or break a woman’s looks and attraction power.  Your lips should also be well cared for.  Don’t skip the lips when you’re putting on moisturizer.  You should look happy and kissable.

4. Clear, awake, and expressive eyes.

Get enough sleep, set and keep boundaries, and take care of yourself because your eyes say a lot about your physical health and mental state.  There isn’t enough eyeliner in the world to cover up the coked out look or the “thousand cock stare”.  Goddess help you if you’ve got both.  If you do indulge, you shouldn’t look like it.

5. Well maintained skin _all_over_.

Handle those skin problems.  Even if you prefer the lights off, every inch of you should be as pristine as possible.  There will be flaws here and there, but anything that is correctable is inexcusable.

The body should get as much care as the face, from head to toe.

6. Well maintained hair and nails.

Hair comes in many textures and colors, but it should be healthy and shiny.  Get your ends done when they need to be done, and if you color, get your roots taken care of on schedule.

Keep your nails either polished or bare, and looking good.  Nail biting is a nasty habit.  Also, you should not walk around with chipped nail polish.  If you don’t have time to do your nails, just take the polish off.

7. Good posture and feminine mannerisms.

Your back must support your breasts, and big or small, you should walk as if you are proud of them.  You should also walk like you have an operational pelvis, and not allow yourself expressions of private behavior in public.

Scowling as a default expression, letting the mouth lag open, and making ugly faces will affect your facial musculature over time.  Especially the mouth lagging open.  Sometimes I want to hand you young girls a bib for fear of you drooling.  A sagging mouth is hideous even on a pretty girl.

The only time your mouth should be open is when you are speaking, putting something in it, or you have a cold and can’t breathe through your nose.  Also chew with your mouth closed.  Nobody needs to see the smashed up food in your mouth, or hear you smacking like a stray dog.

Other Notes

Aside of looking good, you should smell good and be clean.  All people have some odor, but whatever is coming out of you should not be a day old and stale.  Someone shouldn’t be afraid to hug you because they’ll smell like your pits.

Being happy also helps you to look like a happy, engaging, and approachable person.  If you’re not happy, start doing things that make you happy instead of things that make you unhappy.

Obsessing over looks can make a woman very unhappy.  So take this guide as just that: a guide.  We all have room for improvement, but it doesn’t improve anything to be worried and insecure.  If you do your best, and you still don’t have all of the “marks”, it’s okay.  All you need is one, and some guy will find that beautiful enough.  It might even be his fetish, and win you a lustful man for life.

For a man’s perspective and advice, read Bustle’s article on 8 Ways Anyone Can Look More Attractive.  Bear in mind that nobody is perfect, and men don’t need you to be perfect.  Many things we wrongly obsess over, they don’t care about.  Just do your best, and appreciate and don’t squander the gifts that Nature gave you, and you’ll be fine.

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