False Rape Accusation Risk of Affirmative Sluts vs. Negative Sluts

facesBack in 2015, infamous PUA (pickup artist) Roosh V. was asked by an MGTOW, if he had ever been falsely accused of rape.  Roosh’s answer was that he had not up to that point in time, partly because he avoids (politically) liberal women.  This brought up the question of what the difference is between a sexually generous woman and a liberal woman.  Wouldn’t a woman willing to have non marital sex be liberal by definition?  Also, why would the former be less likely to make a false accusation than the latter?

I believe that the answer lies in the upbringing and life experiences that would lead a woman to one worldview or another.  Another thing to remember is that Christianity, Judaism, and Islam are not the only religions in the world, and they are practiced differently in different places, even by different families.  No one set of views of spirituality or Nature can be said to describe all conservatives, or all liberals for that matter.  Also, and this is important, the political platforms have shifted around over the years.

When Roosh, and most westerners say “liberal”, or at least when they said it before the Trump campaign and selling out, they didn’t mean pro labor/workers, unions, socialized healthcare, help for the poor, and traditional leftism anymore.  What they meant was the postmodernist entitlement cults of the day, who basically want the government to force people to like them. Since the sellout, it could mean just anybody who’s not a “white” supremacist or “western chauvanist” (“white” supremacist lite). So the label has lost its meaning in political discussions between the average people in the U.S.

Today, even though it is technically leftist, someone who is pro labor would be labeled conservative because they want people to be paid a living wage, partly so they can afford to have families.  Conservatives today can be quite anti establishment since the establishment has turned against families and against men…against women as well, though because it seems to be benefiting middle class to wealthy European women, nobody seems to care that it is screwing the rest of us. Not that so-called conservative “white” men care about anyone else either, just that the women tend to get a pass due to feminism…but that’s another topic for another post. Put a pin in afrocentrism, why that is important even if you aren’t a melanin rich person, and africana womanism as an updated alternative to western feminism, for later. We’ll get back to that in future articles.

So a woman can be deeply spiritual, even religious, and even belong to one of the judaic faiths, and still be sexually generous.  Sexual generosity under certain circumstances may even be a crucial part of her practice.  She may believe that men and women are equally valuable, and should be equally accountable under the law, and not identify herself as feminist.  She may be a traditional leftist, even communist or anarchist, and still view herself in the context of Nature, understanding the difference between policies and practices that aid in creating a civil society, and those that are cultural suicide.

Basically, the sexually generous woman, or affirmative slut, is going to be more accepting of masculinity and male Nature than the average liberal woman (read woman in the U.S. who doesn’t know much of the history of leftism but gravitates towards the label “liberal”) because she is operating on a stronger reality rather than entitlement based ideals.  She is not living in a lie, so she will not need to reframe regretted sex into rape.  Her ego is not so detached from Nature that a man physically dominating and penetrating her with her consent is viewed as an assault.  It is also not so big that a man refusing her is received as an insult.

This is not to say that is cannot happen.  More conservative women (read women in the U.S. who don’t know much of the history of the western nobility or capitalism but gravitate towards the label “conservative”) can be just as vengeful as more liberal women.  It’s just that liberal women live in a constant state of vengeance against men, and presume victimhood in every situation with men.  Their narrative casts the patriarchy as some isolated independent entity that waged and wages war on women. Conservative women’s vengeance needs to be aroused by some at least actually insulting behavior on the man’s part.  Their narrative idealizes a sort of western utopianism that encourages “taking one for the team” to preserve institutions they deem stabilizing. This may or may not include “white” supremacy, patriarchy, or some form of isolationism. Something has to be specifically done to her by someone in order for her to accept that she is a victim.  She does not believe that women are automatically victims of men, at least if they are both the same ethnicity, or if there is nothing to gain. All that taking one for the team will disappear if the guy is a different ethnicity or exploitable.

So I think what Roosh was trying to say is that he does not have sex with women whose default position is vengeance and victim status.  I also think this is a smart move in terms of being expedient at the time. In the end, it didn’t make him happy, but it has kept him out of jail. We’ll see if he can also stay out of jail if it turns out to be true and provable that he helped the Russians with election tampering. Nobody knows. I don’t know for certain…but it all just seems a little too coincidental.

Some time ago, I wrote an article on my personal site about how men can reduce their chances of false rape accusations.  The circumstances and conversation around the sex matter a lot in this.  There are many things that can be said to express desire and then gratitude towards an affirmative slut. I can’t think of any way to console a woman whose default position is that a man has stolen something from her or assaulted her by having sex with her.

So though it may seem like he is shrinking his pool by avoiding liberal women, that is a small price to pay, in my opinion. Just because someone seems like an ally doesn’t mean they haven’t been affected by “white” supremacy and the vilainizing of masculinity that tends to stick even when someone claims they aren’t racist. If they’ve bought into cultural xenophobia and label masculine men as “toxic”, beware. That’s a trap.

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