How to Feed Your Man

Fancy MealFood customs vary from place to place, but generally, part of being a feminine woman is knowing how to feed your man.  I understand that nowadays, many young ladies are not taught how to cook, so I’ll cover some of the basics before we get to specific situations and dishes that suit them.

There are some basic dishes every young lady should know how to make by the time she reaches adulthood.  Those are:

  • regular vegetable salads
  • cooked vegetables of varying kinds
  • eggs – scrambled, omelette, boiled, sunny side up, over-easy, and poached
  • various cutlets, including but not limited to burgers and schnitzels
  • pasta
  • basic sauces and gravies
  • baked potatoes
  • a roasted chicken on a bed of root vegetables
  • basic soups
  • your regional or ethnic traditional dumplings
  • pancakes – American, and crepes or blintzes
  • pudding
  • cake
  • whipped cream

Again, customs vary, but if you can make these, you can make just about anything else with a little patience and a recipe.  If you are behind, get in the kitchen with a relative or friend, and learn.  You can also turn to YouTube for cooking videos.

It is very important for women to learn to cook, not only because you can make nutritious food for yourself and your family, thus keeping you happy, healthy, and beautiful.  Cooking at home is part of living below your means.  It will enable you to save money, thus adding a layer of protection around your family in case of an emergency or disaster.

Cooking For a Potential Boyfriend

cupcakes03When you are not yet in an official relationship, or while you are trying to woo a man, you may want to be careful about cooking for him right away.  This site is geared towards the ladies who aren’t “Heathers” or Hollywood hot, so we can’t really take for granted that a guy is attracted to us as a mate rather than a platonic friend.  There is a thin line between nurturing-sexy and nurturing-mommy that needs to be minded.  So at the beginning stages, you want to take opportunities to show off without cooking specifically for him.

You also don’t want to preclude a date.  It is important that he be inspired to actually take you out for the first couple of dates instead of convincing him that things should start at your kitchen…unless you want him as only a secret or near-secret booty-call.

So when there’s a potluck or other event where the ladies are expected to bring a dish, that is when to make something that you know he will like.  If his birthday is coming, and you’d normally make something for others, make something a little more special for him, but not too much more special.  Tease him with your cooking skills so he’ll know that you can cook if you want to.

Actually cooking for him shouldn’t happen until either the fifth date or the morning after sex.  Again, customs vary from place to place, but this is how it should generally be in a modern place where guys are not used to very deeply traditional structure.

Night and The Morning After

If you are an affirmative slut or found yourself in a whirlwind situation, and it happened at your place, a good hostess feeds her guests.  What you feed him should depend on what time of day or night he is there.  Don’t downgrade his stomach just because you have some weird idea that a sex guest is less than a regular guest.  That gives away that you hate yourself, and he can treat you like a slag.

If he arrives in the late evening (after 8pm) then coffee or tea with cake or cookies is appropriate.  If it is hot, then a cold drink and savory snacks or a small vegetable and cheese place is good.  If there is no problem with alcohol, then a night cap is nice as well.

You don’t want to serve things that are too heavy.  If possible, you want to use ingredients that are sexy or aphrodisiac.  However, if he is new, you still don’t want to go overboard.  Make it look as if you just grabbed what was available in the kitchen, and made it sexy.  Feed him like a normal guest, but with more seductive care.

In some cultures, there are specific snacks that have special meanings.  For instance, in Israel, some sort of cookies are the appropriate light snack to serve a combat soldier or veteran.  Nobody can tell me why.  It just is.  So be mindful of the symbolism of what you serve, and what you serve it in.

Your service items should be classic and dainty.  Have an actual tea or coffee serving set as well as a cold drinks set.  Things should either match or go together well.  No plastic.

omeletteIf he stays overnight, you should cook him breakfast.  What you make for him should depend on his tastes and how quickly you want him out of there.

If you want him out quickly, serve him a warmed pastry or some nice toasts.  Don’t be too plain about it, but don’t do anything that would require too much effort or cooking beyond the toaster oven.  If you want him to linger, you should make something that you can make quickly, but takes awhile to eat.  Don’t get too complicated.  A chopped salad, an omelette, a dollop of cream cheese, and some toast is the best, and can be made in 15 minutes or less.

In the winter, when it is very cold, some grits, oatmeal, or other porridge is nice.  You can add some fresh fruit or nuts if he likes them.  You can be really creative with porridge.

Basically, make him what you would make yourself on a normal morning.  Save the fancy stuff for when you know you’re in a real relationship.  Then go pancakes or waffles on weekends, or whatever is considered a hearty breakfast where you are.

Everyday Feeding

couscous with veggiesOnce your relationship develops to a committed one, and you are living together or spending enough time together to count as that, then you have to start taking his health needs into consideration.  Men have different dietary needs than we do.  They need more protein, and they need to limit their intake of carbohydrates or they will get high cholesterol and die at 50.  However, men do need an occasional carb-boost, and what sort depends on their ancestry.  If you don’t give it to them in a healthy way, then they will get it in an unhealthy way, so best to get over the “forbidden foods” style of dieting we ladies are used to, and go with the flow of Nature.

If your man is European, he will occasionally need wheat, oats, and/or rye.  If he is Native American, he will need hominy and potatoes, sometimes white and sometimes sweet.  If he is African, he will need millet, amaranth, teff, or hominy as well.  Basically, find out what his great grandparents ate, and give him that because his body needs it.  When they don’t get what they need, they get the nearest substitute they can get their hands on, which may not be the right thing.

Most of the time though, they don’t need grains.  They need meat, beans, greens, and fresh fruits and vegetables.  Get whatever onions, garlic, and things in that family that you can into their diets as well.  If they don’t like them, there are many varieties you can try, and at least get some onion or garlic powder in there.

Other herbs and spices that are particularly good for men are cinnamon, cumin, parsley, ginger, tumeric, basil, oregano, anise, dill, paprika, and black pepper.

If your man is European, you want to stay away from things in the nightshade family as much as you can.  Eastern Europeans tend to have a better tolerance of potatoes and bell peppers than western Europeans.  Many western Europeans suffering from arthritis and other inflammatory problems are suffering because of their diet, and don’t know it.  It’s not quite an allergy, but it just causes bad effects because their body doesn’t know how to process it.  Corn is another thing many are sensitive to but don’t know it.

About sugar, try to limit this but don’t go overboard and make it an attractive forbidden thing.  Just use natural alternatives whenever possible, even in desserts.  Raisin syrup and date syrup have been used in the food industry as an alternative to sugar.  There is also maple, honey, palm sugar, and of course stevia.  Hopefully soon, a berry from Africa called oubli berries will be on the wider market as well.

With regard to meal times, many men have found that they have an easier time controlling their weight using a method called intermittent fasting.  If your man does this, then don’t try to force him to eat, but watch his moods.  Sometimes their blood sugar may drop too much, and this would tempt them to break their plan.  Again, you want them to have healthy ways to get their immediate food needs met.

Even if they’re not doing intermittent fasting, men sometimes like to snack between meals.  So always keep a container of chopped vegetables or some fruit within easy reach for him.  Put these things front and center in the refrigerator so they are the first thing he sees to grab.

One day a week should be a free day or “cheat” day, but try not to let these get too far out of hand.  Bake him a cake, but try to make it as healthy as you can.  Use real ingredients, and make it from scratch.  It’ll be tastier and more satisfying, and healthier at the same time.  Also, make these things in reasonable amounts so that they’re not there to stretch cheat day into cheat week.

These are basic instructions on feeding your man.  In future articles, I’ll share some specific recipes for treating your sweety.

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