Fractured Femininity Syndrome

extinction, by Nicole Lasher Fractured femininity syndrome (FFS) is a term for a set of dysfunctional behavior patterns typical of women in misandrist (actually patriarchal elitist) or anti-(worker and poor)male shifting cultures.  When a culture becomes overly misandrist, it dies or is consumed by another culture, becoming virtually extinct.  So it happens within the context of the cultural chaos just before decline.

It is the natural role of women, the gatekeepers of sex, and the usual physical bearers of children, to set the standards for a culture.  It is the natural role of men to enforce the standards that the women set, and to protect women from those within and outside the society who would disregard those standards.

It is the natural role of androgynes, intersex, homosexual, and non binary people to be the bridge between the majority on the far ends of the gender spectrum’s interests.  Having more of a psychological usually due to biological equilibrium, they are aware of the conflicting primal interests of the genders and the social and societal interests.  They help navigate the complexities to increase cooperation.

When the balance is disrupted, and men are considered outsiders in their own society, it is game over.  The death throes of the culture may take a couple of generations to finally finish though.  Sometimes, if the culture is strong enough, and its people robust enough survivors, it can be saved through a revival of cooperation between the genders.

It has been and should be noted by many MGTOW (men going their own way) before they became tools in the right wing spamming troll army, that even in an optimally cooperative society, priorities will be skewed towards the needs of women because of their role in reproduction.  So cis men and masculine people regardless of assigned sex or gender role must assert their needs in order to keep a balance.  This must have been crucial to our survival for some reason since across cultures, even in matriarchal ones, women are generally more attracted to dominant men.  The variations are mostly in the way they assert their dominance. A lot depends on how the wealthy end of the socioeconomic class in a nation or culture views masculinity. If the laborers and warriors are devalued and their work considered the domain of “lessers”, then the result will be a paradoxical misandrist patriarchy wherein most of the power still rests in the hands of men, but only the richest men are valued.

The natural role of women and feminine people will be exploited to convince women to “punch downwards” at men the way men were encouraged to do that to women since the advent of city states.

There is some speculation that the Gay rights movement is an attempt to regain balance by welcoming the contributions of androgynes to western society.  Though they are statistically rare, they have become more visible because on some level, people understand that they are needed.  When women became more vociferously anti male, androgynes needed to become more vociferously humanist, and not just for in-group self defense.  To defend the rights of homosexuals of either main gender, or of feminine men or masculine women, one must defend the rights of all, including all men.  So anti-male/masculinity efforts and rhetoric on the part of women inevitably burns the bridge.

We now live in a time when second wave feminism has taken hold of western culture, and women and girls born in the 1970’s and beyond have experienced legal equality and in some areas, advantage over men.  In a rather psychologically violent transition, men, maleness, and masculinity has been villainized, even for food (“meat is murder”) or in defense of the state (idealized pacifism).

In 2020, we can see how the creation of this rift between men and those who could balance them or mitigate the toxic aspects of masculinity has raised the number of goons willing to turn military level aggression onto their own countrymen. They are more invested in the state than they are in the people because they were raised to view their masculinity as useless unless it is serving the state.

From the cradle, and unfortunately to often to the grave, they never knew a world wherein women were generally grateful for men.  Their brothers never knew a world in which they felt needed, so they in turn are not grateful for women.  I’m generalizing here, but you get the point hopefully.  Both main genders are screwed, and so as usual, the androgynes are the bulk of the very few who are talking sense nowadays.  So again, much of the credit for this article, same as the last on NMS (new masculinity syndrome), goes to Arden Keren.

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