Fractured Femininity Syndrome

extinction, by Nicole Lasher

Fractured femininity syndrome (FFS) is a term for a set of dysfunctional behavior patterns typical of women in misandrist or anti-male shifting cultures.  When a culture becomes truly misandrist, it dies or is consumed by another culture, becoming virtually extinct.  So it happens within the context of the cultural chaos just before decline. It is the natural role of women, the gatekeepers of sex, and the physical bearers of children, to set the standards for a culture.  It is the…

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The Seven Marks of Beauty (That Men Actually Care About)

In the Netherlands, they have a set of 7 marks that are specific to their old culture.  In India, there are 7 marks that fit theirs.  There are things though, that are pretty universal, so here is the G4G7M (Game for Girls Seven Marks) that men actually care about across most cultures. If you have all seven of these, you can pretty much get away with murder.  Just being honest. 1. A well proportioned, feminine face. Your face should be…

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This app lets you play video games with your vagina

As you play the game, an embedded pressure sensor in the Skea detects your pelvic muscle contractions and synchs wirelessly to your smartphone. So instead of using your finger to guide your avatar, you just have to squeeze tight and think of Chris Pratt shirtless holding a baby sloth. (If that isn’t enough to do it for you, much like the kGoal, the Skea also provides biofeedback in the form of small vibrations, which is as awesome an incentive to…

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The Satanic Witch

Witchy Woman

The Satanic Witch is a book written by Anton Szandor LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan.  It is a manual on the art of seduction for women, and goes into lesser magic like fortune telling and potions. The basis of most of the advice revolves around a sort of personality clock, that illustrates the spectrum of types.  At 12 o’clock are dominant/masculine/fire types.  At 3 o’clock, the intellectual/air types.  At 6 o’clock, we have the passive/feminine/water types, and at…

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Beauty Secrets: Weight Loss Drugs

For the sake of realism I’ve decided to inform womankind that the “magic pill” already exists.  Not only does it exist, but there are different kinds to suit different preferences and physical goals. Before we get started, let me make crystal clear that I do not advocate the use of controlled substances without a prescription, or the use of even legal, herbal remedies without medical supervision.  Your doctor should be aware of whatever you’re taking. Clenbuterol For those who want…

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