The Seven Marks of Beauty (That Men Actually Care About)


In the Netherlands, they have a set of 7 marks that are specific to their old culture.  In India, there are 7 marks that fit theirs.  There are things though, that are pretty universal, so here is the G4G7M (Game for Girls Seven Marks) that men actually care about across most cultures. If you have all seven of these, you can pretty much get away with murder.  Just being honest. 1. A well proportioned, feminine face. Your face should be…

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Am I Ugly? | The Ferrous Scrolls

If you are signing up for early aging, baldness, and palomino skin by 30 so you can look “hot” today, you are going to get a man who will dump you as soon as you start paying the price for your stupidity. He doesn’t want to pay the price of having someone a little less trendy today, who is going to still be there when he goes bald and can’t get it up as easily. He’s not thinking about a…

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Why a Man Should Want to Take Care of You

The realities of life and the economy don’t always support a traditional family situation, but a man should at least want to be the primary breadwinner for the same reason you should want to be able to be home to raise your children. He should not want you to have to be out in the streets working for someone else, who will in many ways take time and attention priority over him. He should not want you to have to…

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New Masculinity Syndrome Symptom: Men Using Kink to Avoid Intercourse

One of the most frequently complained about symptoms of new masculinity syndrome is the avoidance of intercourse by men.  It doesn’t seem so because most of the time, the woman is unaware that the man is avoiding penetrative sex.  The complaints are usually centered around the man becoming obsessed with some way of ejaculating that does not involve penis-in-vagina sex. Usually, the woman is left unsatisfied by whatever activity the man has chosen to focus on.  The man assumes because…

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Don’t Try Femdom Mindlessly Unless You Want To Lose Your Wife


This one is for the guys.  I understand that some of my male readers are into female domination.  There is nothing wrong with that, but understand that around these parts, we deal in the *is* not the *should* (according to the mainstream or the pseudofreakstream) of sexuality. I am not quite sure whether or not nobody else in the world of the open minded is willing to say this because it is against the feminist agenda, or because it is…

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Swirling Should Not Be a Movement

There has been a bit of hype of late about “swirling” (African American women dating and marrying outside their ethnicity).  Some have made it a kind of a movement.  I don’t think it should be a movement, just that people should date whoever does right by them.  Other men aren’t more likely to do right by an African woman.  They’re actually less likely because of ideas of worth based on color/ethnicity and a tendency throughout history of whoever’s considered the…

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