False Rape Accusation Risk of Affirmative Sluts vs. Negative Sluts

Recently, PUA (pickup artist) Roosh V. was asked by an MGTOW, if he had ever been falsely accused of rape.  Roosh’s answer was that he has not thusfar, partly because he avoids (politically) liberal women.  This brought up the question of what the difference is between a sexually generous woman and a liberal woman.  Wouldn’t a woman willing to have non marital sex be liberal by definition?  Also, why would the former be less likely to make a false accusation…

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Domestic Abuse: Pushing a Man Too Far

angry woman

Many women today have lost touch with reality.  On the one hand, we say that emotional/psychological abuse can be just as or even more damaging than physical abuse, which is true.  On the other hand, when the receiver of emotional abuse is male, we minimize it and say that he should learn to “take it like a man”.  If he strikes back verbally, he gets accused of emotional abuse, and if he strikes back physically, he gets thrown in jail.…

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Wash Yo A**! Basic Hygiene for Women

A feminine woman must be clean.  It’s not just important for your health.  Cleanliness is a dealbreaker issue for men.  A man may love you in spite of many flaws, but if you are dirty, even if he manages to power through it out of desperation, he will leave you and talk about you to his friends and future partners.  Of all the “that girl..”s, you don’t ever want to be that girl who smelled so bad that he vomits…

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How to Feed Your Man

Fancy Meal

Food customs vary from place to place, but generally, part of being a feminine woman is knowing how to feed your man.  I understand that nowadays, many young ladies are not taught how to cook, so I’ll cover some of the basics before we get to specific situations and dishes that suit them. There are some basic dishes every young lady should know how to make by the time she reaches adulthood.  Those are: regular vegetable salads cooked vegetables of…

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A Woman’s Value

ponytail woman

There has been a lot said about what a woman’s value is and what makes a woman more or less valuable.  We covered some of what makes a woman more or less attractive in the previous posts on the Marks of Worthiness and Marks of Beauty.  In this post, I’d like to make it clear that there is a difference between your value for a particular function and your value in general.  I’d also like to point out that value…

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The Seven Marks of Worthiness That Men Actually Care About

Kemet Couple

The information in the last article on the seven marks of beauty probably didn’t surprise anyone.  Most women today who haven’t gone completely off the deep end, understand that men are visual, so their appearance is important.  The cosmetic and weight loss industries are still booming, so I’m comfortable with the fact that women are mindful in this subject.  The thing that seems to be escaping most, at least in the western world, is that behavior still matters…maybe not to…

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