Thickspiration: Meral Ertunc

G4G presents our first Thickspiration model: Meral Ertunc. Thickspiration is about presenting optimally fit, truly healthy, and actually beautiful women of varying levels of health, fitness, and ability. It’s not an “it’s okay to let yourself go” thing. It’s a there are many ways to be beautiful thing.

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He’s Out of Your League

Why he’s really not that into you.

It’s truth time, girls. Later, I’ll get into the specifics on types of men, and what they really want but don’t always seem to be able to articulate. For now, though, I’ll focus on a “beta male” concern, and that is social status.

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Why Me?

Answers to the question every woman asks when a man hurts her in a relationship. “Why did he pick my heart to break?” Taking personal responsibility for your half of a bad relationship.

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