A Woman’s Value

ponytail woman

There has been a lot said about what a woman’s value is and what makes a woman more or less valuable.  We covered some of what makes a woman more or less attractive in the previous posts on the Marks of Worthiness and Marks of Beauty.  In this post, I’d like to make it clear that there is a difference between your value for a particular function and your value in general.  I’d also like to point out that value…

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The Seven Marks of Worthiness That Men Actually Care About

Kemet Couple

The information in the last article on the seven marks of beauty probably didn’t surprise anyone.  Most women today who haven’t gone completely off the deep end, understand that men are visual, so their appearance is important.  The cosmetic and weight loss industries are still booming, so I’m comfortable with the fact that women are mindful in this subject.  The thing that seems to be escaping most, at least in the western world, is that behavior still matters…maybe not to…

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The Seven Marks of Beauty (That Men Actually Care About)

In the Netherlands, they have a set of 7 marks that are specific to their old culture.  In India, there are 7 marks that fit theirs.  There are things though, that are pretty universal, so here is the G4G7M (Game for Girls Seven Marks) that men actually care about across most cultures. If you have all seven of these, you can pretty much get away with murder.  Just being honest. 1. A well proportioned, feminine face. Your face should be…

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Am I Ugly? | The Ferrous Scrolls

If you are signing up for early aging, baldness, and palomino skin by 30 so you can look “hot” today, you are going to get a man who will dump you as soon as you start paying the price for your stupidity. He doesn’t want to pay the price of having someone a little less trendy today, who is going to still be there when he goes bald and can’t get it up as easily. He’s not thinking about a…

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This app lets you play video games with your vagina

As you play the game, an embedded pressure sensor in the Skea detects your pelvic muscle contractions and synchs wirelessly to your smartphone. So instead of using your finger to guide your avatar, you just have to squeeze tight and think of Chris Pratt shirtless holding a baby sloth. (If that isn’t enough to do it for you, much like the kGoal, the Skea also provides biofeedback in the form of small vibrations, which is as awesome an incentive to…

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Curing Post Breakup Over Analysis Syndrome – YouTube

Curing Post Breakup Over Analysis Syndrome – YouTube. SpartanLifeCoach talks about how to get out of the cycle of overanalyzing a breakup.  Even though it seems to make sense at the time, what you’re doing is ruminating and dwelling on something, when you should be accepting the fact that it’s the end, and letting go.  Watch this video and save yourself extra weeks of heartache.

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