Wash Yo A**! Basic Hygiene for Women


A feminine woman must be clean.  It’s not just important for your health.  Cleanliness is a dealbreaker issue for men.  A man may love you in spite of many flaws, but if you are dirty, even if he manages to power through it out of desperation, he will leave you and talk about you to his friends and future partners.  Of all the “that girl..”s, you don’t ever want to be that girl who smelled so bad that he vomits…

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Smelling Really Good: How to Maximize Your Attraction With Scent

Everyone knows that scent plays an important role in attraction.  Here at G4G though, the objective is to attract the right kind of men, and to do what one can to please them after the initial attraction.  Even if a guy doesn’t quite remember what was said during an event or incident, he’ll probably remember the smells.  So it’s important to not only clean and scent yourself well, but to mind odors in your living space and other areas you…

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