Dating Apps Are Dead And So Are Many Who Used Them


Almost everybody single or poly or on the d/l tried them. Most of the women had the same bad experiences, just some more or some less. A scant few had got lucky and had good experiences. Yet no matter how the companies tried to play with who initiated or how, and whether or not someone could report bad behavior after the fact, nothing could be done about the raw material. The same guys using the dating apps are the same…

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Video: Looks Do Matter, but Maybe Not the Way You Think

Here’s my take on the role of looks in relationships. Looks matter in romance for many good reasons.  How someone looks gives us information about their background, fitness, attitude, receptiveness, and many other things.  However, our selection processes have been tampered with by society and the media, and sometimes chemicals in our food, environment, and medications. Though there has been porn since there has been art, and advertisement since there has been business, these things did not have the same…

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