Domestic Abuse: Pushing a Man Too Far

angry woman

Many women today have lost touch with reality.  On the one hand, we say that emotional/psychological abuse can be just as or even more damaging than physical abuse, which is true.  On the other hand, when the receiver of emotional abuse is male, we minimize it and say that he should learn to “take it like a man”.  If he strikes back verbally, he gets accused of emotional abuse, and if he strikes back physically, he gets thrown in jail.…

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Video: Looks Do Matter, but Maybe Not the Way You Think

Here’s my take on the role of looks in relationships. Looks matter in romance for many good reasons.  How someone looks gives us information about their background, fitness, attitude, receptiveness, and many other things.  However, our selection processes have been tampered with by society and the media, and sometimes chemicals in our food, environment, and medications. Though there has been porn since there has been art, and advertisement since there has been business, these things did not have the same…

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A poem by Cyrano

Daughters of the world rejoice, your wishes have been heard, the slums of love are emptied out, to get what you deserved. A thousand lonely suitors spurned, into Cassanova made, a thousand airy promises, to prop up your charade. With your useless armor rent, you’ll pay submissions fee, night will give your heart’s content, by morning you’ll be free. When the years have left you dry, the dance is all but done, your flowers all lie wilting, in the absence…

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