The Importance of Looks

As yet another rich, powerful man gets outed as having an affair with a homely woman, it’s brought out more debates about why and how it happened.   So I’m throwing my opinion in the ring for consideration. Looks mean a lot to men.  It’s not that they’re shallow.  It’s that they’re more empirical thinkers who Nature blessed with an uncanny ability to read a lot of information at a glance.   Though there are certain fairly universal beauty markers, I think…

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The Slut Rules, Rule #5: Mind the socioeconomic class divisions.

This is a difficult rule for women because we are generally status climbers.  It needs to be said that status climbing is a luxury that only those on the marriage track in stable societies can afford.  This is because in a stable society, males will be allowed to perform their duties of filtering and possibly even selecting mates for their daughters and female relatives.  It’s not a perfect system, but it works out well most of the time.  When a…

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He’s Out of Your League

Why he’s really not that into you.

It’s truth time, girls. Later, I’ll get into the specifics on types of men, and what they really want but don’t always seem to be able to articulate. For now, though, I’ll focus on a “beta male” concern, and that is social status.

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