The Seven Marks of Worthiness That Men Actually Care About

Kemet Couple

The information in the last article on the seven marks of beauty probably didn’t surprise anyone.  Most women today who haven’t gone completely off the deep end, understand that men are visual, so their appearance is important.  The cosmetic and weight loss industries are still booming, so I’m comfortable with the fact that women are mindful in this subject.  The thing that seems to be escaping most, at least in the western world, is that behavior still matters…maybe not to…

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What do men really want?

I’ve decided to make a post about what men really want.  Well, maybe not just men in general, but the men who matter: the ones who actually want and/or are in a real relationship. Since it’s best to let the men speak for themselves, this is basically a list of links.  However, it would be irresponsible of me not to post a disclaimer, and that is whatever you read, the woman should be of the same or a socially convenient…

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