A Woman’s Value

ponytail woman

There has been a lot said about what a woman’s value is and what makes a woman more or less valuable.  We covered some of what makes a woman more or less attractive in the previous posts on the Marks of Worthiness and Marks of Beauty.  In this post, I’d like to make it clear that there is a difference between your value for a particular function and your value in general.  I’d also like to point out that value…

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Why a Man Should Want to Take Care of You

The realities of life and the economy don’t always support a traditional family situation, but a man should at least want to be the primary breadwinner for the same reason you should want to be able to be home to raise your children. He should not want you to have to be out in the streets working for someone else, who will in many ways take time and attention priority over him. He should not want you to have to…

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Is the Pill Killing Your Sex Drive?

Although barrier methods are safer, many women still choose hormonal birth control because of its dependability.  As if the other possible side effects weren’t enough, the pill tends to kill many women’s sex drive.  There is still some debate between doctors about why this is.  Some say it decreases testosterone by increasing certain proteins.  Some say that it’s the progesterone reducing the sex drive as it would if a woman was very pregnant.  Nobody knows, and it may well depend…

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